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Adher Meaning and Definition

"Adher" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Adhere." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Adhere Definitions

Adhere means to stick firmly to a surface or substance or to follow a practice, belief, or plan very closely.
The sticker will adhere to the surface for years.
To be loyal or devoted to something.
She adheres to her principles despite pressure.
To be compatible or in agreement with.
The proposal needs to adhere to our overall goals.
To hold firmly to a belief, decision, or plan.
He adheres to his decision not to sell the house.
To become attached or united by growth.
The ivy adheres to the wall over time.
To stick fast to an object or surface.
The glue will adhere to the paper.
To follow or act in accordance with (rules, standards, etc.).
The members adhere to strict guidelines.
To be closely connected or associated.
The legend seems to adhere to historical facts.
To give support or maintain loyalty.
The employees adhere to the company through thick and thin.
To attach oneself as a follower or supporter.
Many adhered to the movement for social change.
To cling or stick together.
The particles adhere to form a solid mass.
To stick fast to something; stay attached
Glue makes the wallpaper adhere to the wall.
To remain devoted to or be in support of something
Adhered to her beliefs.
To carry out a plan, scheme, or operation without deviation
We will adhere to our plan.
To cause to adhere; make stick.
(intransitive) To stick fast or cleave, as a glutinous substance does; to become joined or united.
Wax adhered to his finger
To be attached or devoted by personal union, in belief, on principle, etc.
To be consistent or coherent; to be in accordance; to agree.
To affirm a judgment.
To stick fast or cleave, as a glutinous substance does; to become joined or united; as, wax to the finger; the lungs sometimes adhere to the pleura.
To hold, be attached, or devoted; to remain fixed, either by personal union or conformity of faith, principle, or opinion; as, men adhere to a party, a cause, a leader, a church.
To be consistent or coherent; to be in accordance; to agree.
Be compatible or in accordance with;
You must adhere to the rules
Follow through or carry out a plan without deviation;
They adhered to their plan
Come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation;
The dress clings to her body
The label stuck to the box
The sushi rice grains cohere
Be a devoted follower or supporter;
The residents of this village adhered to Catholicism
She sticks to her principles
Be loyal to;
She stood by her husband in times of trouble
The friends stuck together through the war
Stick to firmly;
Will this wallpaper adhere to the wall?

Adhere Snonyms


To attach or fasten to a surface.
Wet leaves stick to the sidewalk.


To come together to form one mass or whole.
The droplets coalesce to form a larger drop.


To join or fasten together.
Attach the document to the email.


To tie or secure tightly.
The agreement binds them to complete the project.


To hold on tightly to.
The child clings to his mother in a crowd.


To comply with rules, standards, or laws.
The products conform to international quality standards.

Hold fast

To keep firmly.
Sailors hold fast to the ropes in a storm.


To act according to an order, set of rules, or request.
The company complies with environmental regulations.


To join together.
The communities united to address the issue.

Adhere Idioms & Phrases

Adhere to the rules

To follow the rules strictly.
Students are expected to adhere to the rules of the school.

Adhere to principles

To remain loyal to one's principles.
He adheres to his principles, no matter the cost.

Adhere to tradition

To follow traditional ways of doing things.
The ceremony adheres to centuries-old tradition.

Adhere to standards

To comply with established standards.
Manufacturers must adhere to safety standards.

Adhere to a plan

To stick to a predetermined plan.
The team adheres to their game plan.

Adhere to a schedule

To stick to a set schedule.
The conference adheres to a strict schedule.

Adhere to guidelines

To follow guidelines closely.
The project must adhere to the outlined guidelines.

Adhere to beliefs

To remain faithful to one's beliefs.
They adhere to their beliefs despite criticism.

Adhere to the code

To follow a specific code of conduct.
Soldiers must adhere to the code of honor.

Adhere to a strategy

To follow a strategy closely.
The company adheres to its long-term strategy.

Adhere to advice

To follow advice carefully.
He adheres to the advice of his mentor.

Adhere to a diet

To strictly follow a diet plan.
She adheres to a vegan diet for health reasons.

Adhere to the law

To obey the law meticulously.
Citizens are expected to adhere to the law.

Adhere to a budget

To stick to a budget.
The family adheres to a strict budget.

Adhere to procedures

To follow procedures precisely.
The lab adheres to safety procedures.

Adhere to a formula

To follow a specific formula.
The product adheres to a secret formula.

Adhere to expectations

To meet or exceed expectations.
The performance adheres to our high expectations.

Adhere to a commitment

To keep a commitment.
The team adheres to their commitment to excellence.

Adhere to a regimen

To follow a regimen strictly.
Patients must adhere to the medication regimen.

Adhere to policies

To comply with policies.
Employees are required to adhere to company policies.

Adhere Example Sentences

The community adheres to its traditions every year.
The paint did not adhere to the wet surface.
It's important to adhere to a healthy eating plan.
He promised to adhere to the agreement they made.
To achieve success, one must adhere to a strict regimen of practice.
The poster will adhere to the wall if you use enough tape.
Teachers expect students to adhere to the classroom rules.
The fabric will adhere to the skin when wet.
The athlete adheres to a rigorous training schedule.
The team needs to adhere to the coach's strategies.
The two surfaces will adhere when pressed together firmly.
It's crucial for patients to adhere to their medication schedules.
They adhere to their cultural practices with pride.
Safety protocols require workers to adhere to all safety measures.
The glue is designed to adhere to multiple types of surfaces.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called adhere?

"Adhere" comes from the Latin "adhaerēre," meaning to stick to.

How is adhere used in a sentence?

The tape must adhere to the surface to hold the decoration in place.

How do we divide adhere into syllables?


How many syllables are in adhere?

There are two syllables in "adhere."

What is the pronunciation of adhere?

Adhere is pronounced as /ədˈhɪər/.

What is the root word of adhere?

The root word is the Latin "haerēre," meaning to stick.

What is the verb form of adhere?

"Adhere" itself is the verb form.

What is the singular form of adhere?

"Adhere" does not have a singular or plural form; it remains the same.

What is a stressed syllable in adhere?

The second syllable is stressed: ad-HERE.

What is another term for adhere?

Another term for "adhere" is "stick."

Is adhere an abstract noun?

No, "adhere" is a verb, not a noun.

Is adhere a noun or adjective?

"Adhere" is a verb.

Is adhere an adverb?

No, "adhere" is not an adverb.

Is adhere a countable noun?

"Adhere" is not a noun; it is a verb.

Is the adhere term a metaphor?

"Adhere" can be used metaphorically to imply loyalty or support.

Is adhere a negative or positive word?

"Adhere" is neutral; its connotation depends on context.

Is the word adhere Gerund?

"Adhering" is the gerund form of "adhere."

What is the plural form of adhere?

"Adhere" does not have a plural form.

Which determiner is used with adhere?

Determiners are not typically used with verbs like "adhere."

Which vowel is used before adhere?

Articles or vowels before "adhere" depend on the sentence structure, not the word itself.

Which article is used with adhere?

Articles are not used directly with the verb "adhere."

What part of speech is adhere?

"Adhere" is a verb.

What is the opposite of adhere?

The opposite of "adhere" could be "separate" or "detach."

Is the word adhere imperative?

"Adhere" can be used in the imperative mood as a command or request.

Which preposition is used with adhere?

Common prepositions used with "adhere" include "to" and "by."

Which conjunction is used with adhere?

Conjunctions are not specific to "adhere"; they depend on sentence construction.

Is adhere a vowel or consonant?

The word "adhere" starts with a vowel sound.

Is adhere a collective noun?

No, "adhere" is a verb and not a noun.

Is the word “adhere” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Adhere" cannot be a direct or indirect object because it is a verb.

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