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Avalible Meaning and Definition

"Avalible" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Available." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Available Definitions

Able to be used or obtained; at someone's disposal; ready for use or service.
The book she wanted was available at the library.
Ready for Service: Available refers to being ready for service or use.
The doctor is available for appointments.
On the Market: Available often pertains to items that are on the market for sale or rent.
The apartment is available for rent.
Accessible for Use: Available means something is accessible and can be used.
The information is available online.
Open for Use: Available means open for use by the public or individuals.
The new playground is now available to children.
Unoccupied: Available can refer to something that is unoccupied or not in use.
The conference room is available for your meeting.
Within Reach: Available implies being within reach or easy to access.
Assistance is available for those who need it.
At Disposal: Something that is available is at one's disposal or ready for use.
The tools were available for the project.
Obtainable: Available implies something can be obtained or acquired.
Tickets are available at the box office.
Free for Engagement: Available can mean free or ready for engagement or participation.
She was available for the team meeting.
Accessible to All: Available can denote being accessible to everyone or to a specified group.
The scholarship is available to all high school seniors.
Present and ready for use; at hand; accessible
Kept a fire extinguisher available at all times.
Capable of being gotten; obtainable
A bedspread available in three colors.
Qualified and willing to serve or assist
A list of available candidates.
Was not available for comment.
(Chemistry) Capable of being used in a chemical reaction
Available electrons.
(Botany) Present, as in soil, and capable of being used by plants as a nutrient
Available water.
Available minerals.
Such as one may avail oneself of; capable of being used for the accomplishment of a purpose.
We have an available candidate.
Readily obtainable.
The list shows the available products in the store.
(legal) Valid.
This is an available plea.
(archaic) Having sufficient power, force, or efficacy to achieve the purpose; availing, effective.
Free to meet someone, speak on the telephone, enter a romantic relationship, or the like.
I have a question for you when you're available.
Hi, this is Mark Smith calling. Is your mother available?
I asked her if she was available, but she said she had a boyfriend.
Having sufficient power, force, or efficacy, for the object; effectual; valid; as, an available plea.
Laws human are available by consent.
Such as one may avail one's self of; capable of being used for the accomplishment of a purpose; usable; profitable; advantageous; convertible into a resource; as, an available measure; an available candidate.
Struggling to redeem, as he did, the available months and days out of so many that were unavailable.
Having no available funds with which to pay the calls on new shares.
Obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service;
Kept a fire extinguisher available
Much information is available through computers
Available in many colors
The list of available candidates is unusually long
Not busy; not otherwise committed;
He was not available for comment
He was available and willing to accompany her
Convenient for use or disposal;
The house is available after July 1
2000 square feet of usable office space

Available Idioms & Phrases

Available for consultation

Ready and willing to provide advice or assistance.
The expert is available for consultation, offering insights on the industry trends.

Make oneself available

To intentionally free up time or offer assistance.
The manager encouraged team members to make themselves available for collaboration and support.

On the market and available

Ready for purchase or acquisition.
The new smartphone model is on the market and available for tech enthusiasts.

Make oneself readily available

To be easily accessible and approachable.
In customer service, it's essential to make oneself readily available to address client inquiries.

Available around the clock

Accessible 24/7, without time restrictions.
The customer support hotline is available around the clock to assist users with any issues.

Immediately available

Accessible without delay.
In case of an emergency, medical assistance should be immediately available to ensure swift response.

Widely available

Easily accessible or found in many places.
With advancements in technology, information has become widely available to people around the world.

Limited availability

A restricted quantity or duration of access.
The exclusive concert tickets have limited availability, making them highly sought after.

Available on demand

Accessible whenever requested or needed.
Streaming services allow users to watch their favorite shows or movies available on demand.

Make oneself available for questions

To be open to answering queries or providing information.
After the presentation, the speaker made oneself available for questions from the audience.

Available resources

The materials or assets that can be used for a particular purpose.
The project manager assessed the available resources before initiating the development phase.

Unavailable for comment

Not willing or able to provide a statement or response.
The celebrity's spokesperson announced they were unavailable for comment regarding recent rumors.

Available for a limited time

Accessible for only a specific duration.
The promotional offer is available for a limited time, encouraging customers to take advantage of the special pricing.

Readily available information

Information that is easily accessible or obtainable.
In the digital age, a vast amount of readily available information can be found online.

Available for download

Ready to be transferred from the internet to a local device.
The new software update is available for download, enhancing the functionality of the application.

Available in various colors

Accessible in a range of different hues or shades.
The new clothing collection is available in various colors to suit different preferences.

Easily available online

Accessible with convenience through internet platforms.
Books and educational materials are easily available online, making learning resources more accessible to students.

Readily available solutions

Solutions that are easily accessible or attainable.
The software offers a range of readily available solutions to common problems users may encounter.

Available Example Sentences

The tutor is available on weekends for extra help.
The new book by my favorite author is now available.
Fresh strawberries are available at the local market.
These toys are available only in selected stores.
Tickets for the concert became available last week.
The study guides are available in the library.
The museum's new exhibit is available for viewing.
Information about the event is available on the website.
The gym is available to members throughout the day.
The public park is available for community events.
The teacher made extra resources available for students.
The field trip permission forms are available in the office.
Customer service is available 24/7 for support.
Online courses are available for learning new skills.
Guidance counseling services are available throughout the school year.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide available into syllables?


Why is it called available?

It comes from the Latin word "disponibilis," meaning obtainable or at one's disposal.

How is available used in a sentence?

The information is readily available online.

What is the verb form of available?

The verb form is "avail."

What is the root word of available?

The root word is "avail."

What is the first form of available?

The first form is "available."

What is the pronunciation of available?

Pronounced: /əˈveɪləbəl/

How many syllables are in available?

There are four syllables in "available."

What is a stressed syllable in available?

The stressed syllable is "vail" in "available."

What is the second form of available?

The second form is also "available."

Is available an adverb?

No, "available" is not an adverb.

Is available an abstract noun?

No, "available" is not an abstract noun.

What is the third form of available?

The third form is still "available."

Is the word available imperative?

No, the word "available" is not used as an imperative.

Is available a negative or positive word?

"Available" is generally a positive word.

Is available a vowel or consonant?

The word "available" contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the word "available" a Direct object or an Indirect object?

The word "available" is not used as a direct or indirect object.

What is the plural form of available?

The plural form is "available."

Is available a collective noun?

No, "available" is not a collective noun.

Is the word available Gerund?

No, the word "available" is not a gerund.

Which vowel is used before available?

The vowel "a" is used before "available."

Which preposition is used with available?

Prepositions like "for," "to," or "as" can be used with "available."

Which conjunction is used with available?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with "available."

Which article is used with available?

Articles like "an" or "the" can be used with "available."

What part of speech is available?

"Available" is an adjective.

Is available a countable noun?

No, "available" is not a countable noun.

Is the available term a metaphor?

No, the term "available" is not a metaphor; it is literal.

What is another term for available?

Another term could be "accessible" or "obtainable."

What is the singular form of available?

The singular form is "available."

What is the opposite of available?

The opposite could be "unavailable" or "inaccessible."

Is available a noun or adjective?

"Available" is an adjective.

Which determiner is used with available?

Determiners like "an," "the," or "some" can be used with "available."

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