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Beleive Meaning and Definition

"Beleive" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Believe." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Believe Definitions

To accept (something) as true or real
Do you believe his version of what happened?.
To consider (someone) to be truthful or accurate in what they are saying
I believe you when you say that your neighbor is angry.
To expect or suppose; think
I believe it will snow tomorrow. I believe the letters to be authentic.
To have religious faith
He believes in God.
To have faith, confidence, or trust
I believe in your ability to solve the problem.
To consider something to be important, worthwhile, or valuable
I believe in free speech.
(transitive) To accept as true, particularly without absolute certainty (i.e., as opposed to knowing).
If you believe the numbers, you'll agree we need change.
I believe there are faeries.
(transitive) To accept that someone is telling the truth.
Why did I ever believe you?
(intransitive) To have religious faith; to believe in a greater truth.
After that night in the church, I believed.
To opine, think, reckon.
Do you think this is good? —Hmm, I believe it's okay.
To exercise belief in; to credit upon the authority or testimony of another; to be persuaded of the truth of, upon evidence furnished by reasons, arguments, and deductions of the mind, or by circumstances other than personal knowledge; to regard or accept as true; to place confidence in; to think; to consider; as, to believe a person, a statement, or a doctrine.
Our conqueror (whom I nowOf force believe almighty).
King Agrippa, believest thou the prophets ?
Often followed by a dependent clause.I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
To have a firm persuasion, esp. of the truths of religion; to have a persuasion approaching to certainty; to exercise belief or faith.
Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.
With the heart man believeth unto righteousness.
To think; to suppose.
I will not believe so meanly of you.
Accept as true; take to be true;
I believed his report
We didn't believe his stories from the War
She believes in spirits
Judge or regard; look upon; judge;
I think he is very smart
I believe her to be very smart
I think that he is her boyfriend
The racist conceives such people to be inferior
Be confident about something;
I believe that he will come back from the war
Follow a credo; have a faith; be a believer;
When you hear his sermons, you will be able to believe, too
Credit with veracity;
You cannot believe this man
Should we believe a publication like the National Inquirer?

Believe Idioms & Phrases


Engaging in pretend or imaginary play.
Children often enjoy make-believe games where they can explore their creativity and imagination.

Believe in the impossible

To have faith in things that may seem unlikely or beyond conventional limits.
Throughout history, visionaries have inspired others to believe in the impossible and strive for innovation.

Hard to believe your ears

Hearing something so surprising or shocking that it is difficult to accept.
When he announced his sudden resignation, it was hard to believe our ears as we listened to the unexpected news.

Make someone believe a lie

To deceive or convince someone of a falsehood.
The con artist's convincing story managed to make the unsuspecting victim believe a lie.

Believe in second chances

To be open to giving people another opportunity or forgiving past mistakes.
A compassionate employer may believe in second chances, offering employees a chance to improve after making errors.

Believe one's own eyes

To trust what one sees without doubt or skepticism.
The remarkable transformation of the once-dilapidated neighborhood made residents believe their own eyes.

Believe in someone

To have confidence in someone's abilities or character.
Supportive parents always encourage their children to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.

Hard to believe your eyes

Seeing something so surprising or unbelievable that it challenges one's perception.
The breathtaking view from the mountaintop was hard to believe, with its vast expanse and beauty.

Believe in the magic of the moment

To appreciate and have faith in the extraordinary or special aspects of a particular moment in time.
As the couple exchanged vows, they chose to believe in the magic of the moment, cherishing the significance of their wedding day.

Beyond belief

Something so extraordinary or incredible that it surpasses normal understanding.
The magician's illusion was beyond belief, leaving the audience in awe of his skill.

Make someone believe in love

To inspire or create a sense of trust and confidence in the concept of love.
Romantic movies often aim to make viewers believe in love by portraying heartwarming relationships.

Believe in the greater good

To trust in the inherent goodness of humanity and the pursuit of positive and ethical outcomes.
Advocates for social justice often believe in the greater good, striving to create a fair and equitable society.

Believe in the power of positivity

To have faith that maintaining a positive outlook can bring about favorable outcomes.
Many successful individuals attribute their achievements to believing in the power of positivity and optimism.

Believe in fate

To trust that events in life are predetermined or guided by destiny.
Some people strongly believe in fate, feeling that certain experiences are meant to happen.

Make someone believe in themselves

To instill confidence and self-assurance in someone.
A supportive mentor can make a significant impact by helping individuals believe in themselves and their capabilities.

Believe in a higher power

To have faith in the existence of a divine or spiritual force.
Many individuals find comfort in believing in a higher power, turning to spirituality for guidance.

Easy to believe

Something that is straightforward or convincing to accept as true.
The scientist presented the well-researched evidence, making it easy for the audience to believe the findings.

Want to believe in someone

To desire or hope that someone is trustworthy or capable.
Despite past mistakes, friends often want to believe in someone's ability to change for the better.

Believe against all odds

To maintain faith or confidence in something despite seemingly insurmountable challenges.
The underdog team continued to believe against all odds and eventually secured a surprising victory.

Believe Example Sentences

They believe that kindness can change the world.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the mountains.
He believes in working hard and playing hard.
I believe that we can finish the project on time.
He finds it hard to believe in coincidences.
She believes that everyone deserves a chance.
The teacher wants us to believe in ourselves.
He believes that learning never ends.
The children believe they will find treasure in the backyard.
They believe the old legend about the castle.
She believes her lost cat will come home.
She believes that every cloud has a silver lining.
She believes in living a healthy lifestyle.
They believe in respecting all cultures and traditions.
He believes that honesty is the best policy.

Common Curiosities

How is believe used in a sentence?

I believe she will come to the party.

How do we divide believe into syllables?


Why is it called believe?

It refers to accepting something as true or real without needing proof.

What is a stressed syllable in believe?

The stressed syllable is "lieve" in "believe."

What is the pronunciation of believe?

Pronounced: /bɪˈliːv/

What is the first form of believe?

The first form is "believe."

What is the root word of believe?

The root word is "believe."

How many syllables are in believe?

There are two syllables in "believe."

What is the verb form of believe?

The verb form is "believe."

What is the third form of believe?

The third form is "believed."

What is another term for believe?

Another term could be "trust" or "accept."

What is the opposite of believe?

The opposite could be "doubt" or "disbelieve."

What is the singular form of believe?

The singular form is "believe."

Is believe a noun or adjective?

"Believe" is a verb, not a noun or adjective.

Is believe a vowel or consonant?

The word "believe" contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the word believe imperative?

Yes, it can be used in an imperative sentence, e.g., "Believe in yourself."

What is the plural form of believe?

The plural form is "beliefs."

Is the believe term a metaphor?

No, the term "believe" is not a metaphor; it is literal.

Is the word “believe” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

The word "believe" is not used as a direct or indirect object.

What part of speech is believe?

"Believe" is a verb.

Is believe an abstract noun?

No, "believe" is not an abstract noun.

Which conjunction is used with believe?

Conjunctions like "that" can be used with "believe."

Which article is used with believe?

Articles like "I," "an," or "the" can be used with "believe."

What is the second form of believe?

The second form is "believed."

Is believe a negative or positive word?

"Believe" is a positive word.

Is believe a countable noun?

No, "believe" is not a noun; it is a verb.

Is the word believe Gerund?

No, the word "believe" is not a gerund.

Which determiner is used with believe?

Determiners like "I," "you," or "we" can be used with "believe."

Which preposition is used with believe?

Prepositions like "in" are used with "believe."

Is believe an adverb?

No, "believe" is not an adverb.

Is believe a collective noun?

No, "believe" is not a collective noun.

Which vowel is used before believe?

The vowel "i" is used before "believe."

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