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Comfortability Meaning and Definition

"Comfortability" refers to the state of being comfortable or at ease. e.g., She felt a sense of comfortability in her new home.

Comfortability Definitions

A state where one feels familiar and secure is called comfortability.
His friend's presence brought him comfortability during the event.
Comfortability denotes a lack of discomfort or distress.
The room's ambiance added to its comfortability.
Comfortability is the sensation of being cozy and content.
The warm blanket gave her sheer comfortability on cold nights.
The experience of ease and well-being is termed comfortability.
Yoga brought a sense of comfortability to her mind and body.
When surroundings are pleasant and soothing, they offer comfortability.
The cafe's soft lighting and music created an atmosphere of comfortability.
Comfortability is the feeling of ease and relaxation.
The chair's design ensured maximum comfortability.
When something fits well and feels good, it provides comfortability.
The shoes' comfortability made them perfect for long walks.
The condition of being content and free from pain is comfortability.
The medicine provided immediate comfortability from the headache.
Comfortability means being free from worry or unease.
Financial security gives families a sense of comfortability.
Synonym of comfort
Synonym of comfortableness
Feeling untroubled and relaxed describes comfortability.
The vacation brought much-needed comfortability to the couple.

Comfortability Idioms & Phrases

Stepping outside one's comfortability zone

Trying something that is not within one's usual habits or preferences.
Joining the debate team was like stepping outside her comfortability zone.

Woven into comfortability

Gradually becoming more relaxed or at ease with something.
Over time, he was woven into comfortability with his new role at the company.

Comfortability at its finest

The best or highest level of ease or relaxation.
The luxury suite was comfortability at its finest.

At the peak of comfortability

Feeling the most relaxed or at ease.
With his new recliner chair, he was at the peak of comfortability.

Riding the waves of comfortability

Easily navigating through situations while remaining relaxed.
Even during the hectic event, she was riding the waves of comfortability.

The fabric of comfortability

The essential elements that make one feel at ease.
Trust and understanding were the fabric of comfortability in their friendship.

The currency of comfortability

What one values or seeks out in order to feel at ease.
For many, peace of mind is the currency of comfortability.

The cushion of comfortability

Something that provides a sense of ease or relief.
Having savings gave him the cushion of comfortability in uncertain times.

Mapping out comfortability

Planning or arranging things in a way that ensures relaxation or ease.
She spent the day mapping out comfortability for her guest's visit.

Chasing comfortability

Continually seeking situations or environments where one feels at ease.
After years of city life, she was chasing comfortability in the countryside.

Breaking the barriers of comfortability

Pushing oneself beyond what feels easy or familiar.
Learning a new language was like breaking the barriers of comfortability for him.

Seeds of comfortability

The initial elements or conditions that lead to feeling at ease.
Their first few conversations sowed the seeds of comfortability in their relationship.

The rhythm of comfortability

A regular pattern or habit that induces relaxation or ease.
Meditation became the rhythm of comfortability in his daily routine.

A symphony of comfortability

A harmonious feeling of relaxation and ease.
The weekend retreat was like a symphony of comfortability for the tired employees.

Layered in comfortability

Being surrounded by things or situations that make one feel comfortable.
With his favorite books and coffee, he felt layered in comfortability.

A beacon of comfortability

Someone or something that provides a strong sense of ease or relaxation.
Her grandmother's house was always a beacon of comfortability for her.

Tuned to comfortability

Being sensitive or attuned to what brings relaxation or ease.
The spa was perfectly tuned to comfortability, ensuring all guests felt at peace.

Comfortability in strides

Gradually achieving a feeling of ease or relaxation.
With each session, she found comfortability in strides with her therapist.

Navigating through comfortability

Adjusting to situations to maintain a feeling of ease.
He was adept at navigating through comfortability during awkward social situations.

Eclipsing comfortability

Going beyond what's comfortable or familiar.
Taking the lead role in the play meant eclipsing her comfortability.

Comfortability Example Sentences

The hotel ensured our comfortability with top-notch services.
The new car's seats have a high level of comfortability.
Many people prioritize comfortability when choosing a home.
My comfortability increased when I wore the new soft pajamas.
A good teacher creates an atmosphere of comfortability in the classroom.
After a long day, all I seek is comfortability and rest.
She always checks the comfortability of her guests.
Comfortability plays a key role in product design.
The main goal of the spa is to provide comfortability to its clients.
The park offers a space of comfortability and relaxation for visitors.
Comfortability is a significant factor when selecting a vacation spot.
A good mattress is essential for nighttime comfortability.
The software's user-friendly interface ensures the user's comfortability.
The soothing colors of the room enhance its comfortability.
In fashion, both style and comfortability are important.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called Comfortability?

It is called "Comfortability" because it denotes the state or quality of being comfortable.

How do we divide Comfortability into syllables?


How is Comfortability used in a sentence?

Comfortability is used as a noun, e.g., "The comfortability of the room impressed the guests."

How many syllables are in Comfortability?

There are five syllables in Comfortability.

What is the pronunciation of Comfortability?


What part of speech is Comfortability?

Comfortability is a noun.

What is a stressed syllable in Comfortability?

The stressed syllable is "fort."

What is the singular form of Comfortability?

The singular form is "comfortability."

What is the plural form of Comfortability?

The plural form could be "comfortabilities," although it's rarely used in this form.

What is the root word of Comfortability?

The root word is "comfort."

Is Comfortability a vowel or consonant?

"Comfortability" is a word composed of both vowels and consonants.

Is the Comfortability term a metaphor?

No, Comfortability is not typically used as a metaphor.

What is the verb form of Comfortability?

The verb form is "comfort."

What is the opposite of Comfortability?

The opposite of Comfortability is "discomfort" or "uncomfortableness."

Is Comfortability a negative or positive word?

Comfortability is generally a positive word.

Is the word “Comfortability” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Comfortability" can be used as a direct object, depending on the sentence structure.

Which determiner is used with Comfortability?

Determiners such as "the," "his," "her," "its," and "their" can be used with Comfortability.

Which vowel is used before Comfortability?

Any vowel can precede the word depending on the context. For instance, "a comfortability" or "the comfortability."

Is the word Comfortability is imperative?

No, Comfortability is not imperative.

Is the word Comfortability is Gerund?

No, Comfortability is not a gerund.

Is Comfortability a countable noun?

No, Comfortability is usually an uncountable noun.

What is another term for Comfortability?

Another term for Comfortability is "comfort."

Is Comfortability a collective noun?

No, Comfortability is not a collective noun.

Which preposition is used with Comfortability?

Prepositions like "with," "of," and "in" can be used with Comfortability, e.g., "with great comfortability."

Which conjunction is used with Comfortability?

Any conjunction can be used with Comfortability depending on the sentence, like "and," "or," or "but."

Which article is used with Comfortability?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with Comfortability, depending on the context.

Is Comfortability is an abstract noun?


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