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Comming Meaning and Definition

"Comming" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Coming." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Coming Definitions

Influx: Coming can describe the arrival or influx of people or things.
The town prepared for the coming of tourists in the summer.
Advancement: Coming implies moving forward, especially in a career or life.
Her coming promotion was the result of years of hard work.
Trend Emergence: Coming can refer to the emergence of new trends or fashions.
The coming fashion season is expected to showcase bright colors.
Coming: The act of arriving or moving toward a particular place or event.
The coming of spring brought colorful flowers and warmer weather.
Arrival: Coming means the act of reaching or arriving at a destination.
The coming of the new year is always celebrated with fireworks.
Approach: Coming can refer to moving closer to a specific location or time.
With the coming of dusk, the city lights began to twinkle.
Appearance: Coming can mean the act of appearing or becoming visible.
The coming of the full moon is always a beautiful sight.
Emergence: Coming implies the beginning or emergence of something.
The coming of technology has changed how we communicate.
Future Occurrence: Coming often refers to something that will happen in the future.
The coming summer Olympics are eagerly anticipated by athletes.
Development: Coming can denote the development or unfolding of events.
The coming weeks would reveal the success of the project.
Onset: Coming often denotes the onset of periods or conditions.
The coming winter was predicted to be unusually cold.
Approaching; forthcoming; next
The coming season.
A coming report on arms limitation.
Showing promise of fame or success.
Arrival; advent
The coming of spring.
Present participle of come
The act of arriving; an arrival.
Approaching; of the future, especially the near future; the next.
See you the/this Sunday coming! -Well, maybe I can't the/this coming Sunday but on Sunday week.
She will have two or three paintings in the coming exhibition.
Newly in fashion; advancing into maturity or achievement.
Ergonomic wallets are the coming thing.
(obsolete) Ready to come; complaisant; fond.
Approaching; of the future, especially the near future; the next; as, the coming week or year; the coming exhibition.
Welcome the coming, speed the parting, guest.
Your coming days and years.
Ready to come; complaisant; fond.
Approach; advent; manifestation; as, the coming of the train.
Specifically: The Second Advent of Christ, called usually the second coming.
The act of drawing spatially closer to something;
The hunter's approach scattered the geese
Arrival that has been awaited (especially of something momentous);
The advent of the computer
The temporal property of becoming nearer in time;
The approach of winter
Of the relatively near future;
The approaching election
This coming Thursday
The forthcoming holidays
The upcoming spring fashions
Yet to come;
Coming generations
A future-day Gibbon of Macaulay

Coming Idioms & Phrases

Like winter's coming

Preparing thoroughly for a future event or difficulty.
He saved money like winter's coming, knowing the importance of financial security.

Coming in threes

The belief that events or occurrences often happen in groups of three.
After the third mishap, she sighed, Misfortunes really do like coming in threes.

Coming around the mountain

Something approaching slowly but inevitably.
Change in the industry was coming around the mountain, and they had to be ready.

The coming tide lifts all boats

Improvements in a particular area will benefit all involved.
He believed that economic growth was the coming tide that lifts all boats.

The coming of the tide

The arrival or start of a significant change or event.
The invention of the internet was like the coming of the tide in global communication.

A storm is coming

Indicating that a significant or troublesome event is about to happen.
With the rival teams facing off, everyone knew a storm was coming.

Waiting for the coming moment

Anticipating a specific and significant point in time.
He was waiting for the coming moment to launch his new product.

The coming storm

A situation that is going to become problematic or difficult soon.
The political unrest in the country was a coming storm they couldn't ignore.

For the coming days

Preparing or planning for the near future.
She stocked up supplies for the coming days of the storm.

A coming of age

The transition from childhood to adulthood or an important stage of growth.
Graduating from college was more than just a ceremony for her; it was a coming of age.

A coming together

A situation where different elements or people unite for a common purpose.
The community event was a coming together of diverse local cultures.

In the coming of the night

As darkness or night approaches, often implying a sense of foreboding.
In the coming of the night, the forest seemed to whisper with secrets.

Coming under the wire

Just barely achieving something before a deadline or in the nick of time.
He finished the project coming under the wire, just minutes before the deadline.

With the coming of spring

Signifying new beginnings or a fresh start, associated with the arrival of spring.
With the coming of spring, he felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle new challenges.

Like a thief coming in the night

Something happening unexpectedly and without warning.
The financial crisis hit them like a thief coming in the night.

The sun is coming down

Indicating the end of a period or the approach of the evening.
As the sun is coming down, the party started to wind down.

Coming out of the woodwork

People or things emerging from obscurity or suddenly becoming visible.
As soon as he won the lottery, distant relatives started coming out of the woodwork.

Coming full circle

Returning to the original position or state of affairs after a series of events.
Her career took many turns, but now, coming full circle, she returned to her first love, teaching.

The long coming

Something that has been anticipated or in development for a long time.
Her debut novel was the long coming result of years of dedication.

A coming force

An emerging power or influence in a particular field.
The young athlete was considered a coming force in the world of tennis.

Coming Example Sentences

They could hear the coming of the train from a distance.
He was anxious about the coming school year.
The coming storm clouds warned of heavy rain.
Everyone was excited about her coming birthday party.
The flowers bloomed with the coming of spring.
They anticipated the coming of their relatives with great excitement.
The coming holidays were a topic of much joy and planning.
The coming of the circus to town was eagerly awaited by the children.
With the coming of night, the forest became a mysterious place.
He was preparing for the coming soccer match with his team.
She could feel the coming of a headache.
The coming weekend promised time for relaxation and fun.
The coming of age ceremony was an important family event.
The coming of the new movie had fans lining up at the cinema.
The coming exams made the students study harder.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called coming?

"Coming" is derived from the Old English "cuman," meaning "to come," indicating the act of arrival or approach.

How is coming used in a sentence?

Example: "She looked forward to the coming weekend."

What is the verb form of coming?

"Coming" is a form of the verb "come," specifically the present participle.

What is the first form of coming?

The first form (base form) of "coming" is "come."

What is a stressed syllable in coming?

The first syllable "com" is the stressed syllable in "coming."

What is another term for coming?

Another term for "coming" is "approaching."

What is the singular form of coming?

"Coming," as a gerund or adjective, does not have a singular form in the traditional sense.

How do we divide coming into syllables?

"Coming" is divided into syllables as "com-ing."

What is the pronunciation of coming?

"Coming" is pronounced as /ˈkʌm.ɪŋ/.

What is the root word of coming?

The root word of "coming" is "come."

How many syllables are in coming?

There are two syllables in "coming."

What part of speech is coming?

"Coming" is a verb (present participle of "come") and can also function as an adjective.

Is coming a noun or adjective?

"Coming" can be a noun (gerund) or an adjective.

Is coming an adverb?

No, "coming" is not an adverb.

Is the coming term a metaphor?

"Coming" can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

Is the word coming imperative?

"Coming" is not imperative; it is a present participle.

Is the word coming Gerund?

Yes, "coming" can function as a gerund.

Is the word “coming” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Coming" can be a direct object when used as a gerund.

What is the opposite of coming?

The opposite of "coming" is "going" or "departing."

Is coming a countable noun?

When used as a gerund, "coming" is not typically countable.

Is coming a collective noun?

No, "coming" is not a collective noun.

Is coming an abstract noun?

As a gerund, "coming" can be considered an abstract noun.

Is coming a negative or positive word?

"Coming" is neutral; it can be positive or negative depending on the context.

Which determiner is used with coming?

Determiners like "the" or "this" can be used with "coming."

Which preposition is used with coming?

Prepositions like "in," "of," or "for" can be used with "coming."

What is the second form of coming?

The second form (past tense) of "coming" is "came."

What is the plural form of coming?

"Coming" does not have a plural form.

Is coming a vowel or consonant?

"Coming" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Which conjunction is used with coming?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with "coming."

What is the third form of coming?

The third form (past participle) of "coming" is "come."

Which vowel is used before coming?

Any vowel can precede "coming" depending on the context.

Which article is used with coming?

Both "the" and "a" can be used with "coming," depending on the context.

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