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Perculate Meaning and Definition

"Perculate" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Percolate." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Percolate Definitions

To filter or pass through, often spreading or becoming widespread.
The fresh rainwater began to percolate through the sandy soil.
To seep or ooze.
The sap began to percolate from the tree.
To filter or sieve.
The liquid will percolate the substance.
To brew or prepare by filtering.
The barista allowed the coffee to percolate for a few minutes.
To spread gradually.
The news percolated throughout the community.
To become widespread in an area or group.
The idea started to percolate among the students.
To drip through a porous surface.
The coffee began to percolate through the machine.
To infuse or pass a liquid.
Water percolated the ground coffee beans.
To penetrate or infiltrate.
The culture started to percolate the society.
To undergo percolation.
The grounds allow the water to percolate.
To bubble or simmer.
The idea percolated in his mind for days.
To cause (liquid, for example) to pass through a porous substance or small holes; filter.
To pass or ooze through
Water percolated the sand.
To make (coffee) in a percolator.
To drain or seep through a porous material or filter.
(Informal) To become lively or active.
(Informal) To spread slowly or gradually.
A liquid that has been percolated.
(transitive) To pass a liquid through a porous substance; to filter.
(intransitive) To drain or seep through a porous substance.
Water percolates through sand.
(transitive) To make (coffee) in a percolator.
''I'll percolate some coffee.
To spread slowly or gradually; to slowly become noticed or realised.
Reports on the pitiful state of many prisons have finally percolated through to the Home Office, which has promised to look into the situation.
Through media reports it percolated to the surface that the police investigation was profoundly flawed.
(rare) A liquid that has been percolated.
To cause to pass through fine interstices, as a liquor; to filter; to strain.
To pass through fine interstices; to filter; as, water percolates through porous stone.
The product of percolation
Permeate or penetrate gradually;
The fertilizer leached into the ground
Spread gradually;
Light percolated into our house in the morning
Prepare in a percolator;
Percolate coffee
Cause (a solvent) to pass through a permeable substance in order to extract a soluble constituent
Pass through;
Water permeates sand easily
Gain or regain energy;
I picked up after a nap

Percolate Idioms & Phrases

Percolate through the ranks

Information or news slowly spreading through different levels of a group or organization.
Once the CEO made the announcement, the news began to percolate through the ranks.

Emotions on the percolate

Feelings that are gradually intensifying or coming to the surface.
After the shocking news, her emotions were on the percolate.

Percolate through barriers

Overcome obstacles or challenges gradually.
The new technology started to percolate through barriers, becoming widely accepted.

Percolate through the grapevine

Hear news or information indirectly or through informal channels.
I heard about the company merger as it percolated through the grapevine.

Percolate to the top

Rise or advance to a position of prominence or importance.
With his hard work and dedication, he quickly percolated to the top of the organization.

Let the idea percolate

Allow some time for the idea to develop or be thought over.
After presenting the new strategy, the team decided to let the idea percolate before finalizing it.

Percolate into consciousness

Gradually becoming aware or coming to understand something.
The gravity of the situation began to percolate into his consciousness as time went on.

Ideas starting to percolate

New thoughts or concepts beginning to form or develop.
After the brainstorming session, you could feel the ideas starting to percolate.

Percolate under the surface

Hidden issues or feelings that are slowly coming to light or becoming apparent.
There were tensions percolating under the surface during the meeting.

Feelings that percolate

Emotions that grow or intensify over time.
After their argument, there were feelings that percolated, leading to a bigger confrontation later.

Percolate the essence

Extracting or understanding the core or most important aspect of something.
Through his research, he aimed to percolate the essence of the phenomenon.

News percolate fast

Information spreads quickly.
As soon as the celebrity couple was spotted, the news percolated fast.

Percolate down the chain

Information or orders being passed from higher to lower levels.
Instructions from the general began to percolate down the chain to the soldiers.

Creativity starting to percolate

The beginning or early signs of creative thinking or innovation.
Once the artist found her inspiration, her creativity started to percolate.

Rumors on the percolate

Gossips or rumors that are slowly spreading or becoming more widespread.
There were always rumors on the percolate in the small town.

Innovations that percolate

New ideas or technologies that gradually spread or become adopted.
There were several innovations that percolated in the industry last year.

Percolate the information

To gradually process or understand newly acquired information.
He read the manual and took a few days to percolate the information.

Change on the percolate

Signs that change or transformation is starting to occur.
With the new leadership, there was a sense of change on the percolate.

Percolate new strategies

Develop and refine new approaches or methods over time.
The marketing team took a few weeks to percolate new strategies for the campaign.

Thoughts percolate overnight

Taking time, often overnight, to consider or think over something.
Before making a decision, she let her thoughts percolate overnight.

Percolate Example Sentences

The solution took some time to percolate the dense material.
New ideas began to percolate in the minds of the inventors.
The concept began to percolate among team members.
News of the event started to percolate through town.
The culture of the city slowly percolated into neighboring regions.
Her enthusiasm began to percolate to everyone around her.
The morning's sunlight percolated through the curtains.
The sap slowly started to percolate from the pine bark.
The sugar solution will percolate the mixture.
The water began to percolate through the coffee grounds.
As the rain fell, it percolated through the earth replenishing the groundwater.
Fresh ideas tend to percolate during brainstorming sessions.
Wisdom tends to percolate over time with experience.
The smell of freshly baked cookies percolated the entire house.
The teachings of the old sage percolated throughout the village.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in Percolate?

The first syllable, "Per," is stressed in "percolate."

How do we divide Percolate into syllables?


How is Percolate used in a sentence?

The information slowly began to percolate through the organization.

How many syllables are in Percolate?

There are three syllables in "percolate."

Why is it called Percolate?

The term "percolate" originates from Latin "percolare," which means "to put through a sieve or strainer."

What part of speech is Percolate?


What is the singular form of Percolate?


What is the pronunciation of Percolate?


What is the root word of Percolate?

The root word is from the Latin "percolare."

What is another term for Percolate?


What is the plural form of Percolate?


Which determiner is used with Percolate?

Determiners such as "the," "this," and "some" can be used, depending on the context.

What is the verb form of Percolate?

"Percolate" itself is the verb form.

What is the first form of Percolate?


Which vowel is used before Percolate?

This depends on context, but typically any vowel can come before it in a sentence.

What is the opposite of Percolate?


Is Percolate an adverb?

No, it's not an adverb.

Is Percolate a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

Is the word Percolate a gerund?

"Percolating" is the gerund form of "percolate."

Is the word “Percolate” a direct object or an indirect object?

"Percolate" is primarily a verb. When used in a sentence, its function depends on its position and context.

What is the second form of Percolate?


Is Percolate a vowel or consonant?

"Percolate" is a word, not a single vowel or consonant.

Which preposition is used with Percolate?

Common prepositions used with "percolate" include "through" and "into."

Which conjunction is used with Percolate?

Any conjunction can be used with "percolate" based on the context, such as "and," "but," or "because."

Which article is used with Percolate?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "percolate" depending on the sentence context.

What is the third form of Percolate?


Is Percolate a noun or adjective?

It's primarily a verb. However, it can also be a noun referring to the liquid that has been percolated.

Is Percolate an abstract noun?

No, it's not an abstract noun.

Is Percolate a negative or positive word?

It is neutral, neither inherently negative nor positive.

Is Percolate a countable noun?

When used as a noun (referring to the liquid), it can be countable.

Is the Percolate term a metaphor?

By itself, it's not. However, it can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

Is the word Percolate imperative?

No, but it can be used in an imperative sentence, e.g., "Let that idea percolate for a while."

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