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Quesy Meaning and Definition

"Quesy" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Queasy." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Queasy Definitions

Feeling sick or nauseous.
The roller coaster ride made me feel queasy.
Feeling light-headed or weak due to sickness.
Eating spoiled food can make you queasy.
Sensitive to disturbing scenes or events.
He's queasy about watching horror movies.
Easily disturbed by unpleasant situations.
I get queasy at the sight of blood.
Experiencing a feeling of unease in the stomach.
She felt queasy after eating too much candy.
Unsettled in one's feelings or stomach.
The choppy boat ride made him queasy.
Likely to vomit.
Avoid looking at the moving waves if you're queasy.
Uncertain or doubtful in feeling.
She was queasy about making the right decision.
Lacking ease or comfort; discomforted.
The idea of jumping off the high dive made her queasy.
Nervous or anxious about a situation.
He felt queasy before his big presentation.
Experiencing a slight feeling of sickness.
I felt queasy after the bumpy bus ride.
Experiencing nausea; nauseated.
Easily nauseated.
Causing nausea; sickening
The queasy lurch of an airplane during a storm.
Causing uneasiness.
Uneasy; troubled.
Easily troubled.
Ill at ease; squeamish
"He is not queasy about depicting mass violence, in some circumstances, as a legitimate instrument of social transformation" (Shaul Bakhash).
Experiencing or causing nausea or uneasiness, often characterized by an unsettled stomach.
Easily troubled; squeamish.
Sick at the stomach; affected with nausea; inclined to vomit; qualmish.
Fastidious; squeamish; delicate; easily disturbed; unsettled; ticklish.
Some seek, when queasy conscience has its qualms.
Feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit

Queasy Idioms & Phrases

Queasy at heart

Being naturally timid or apprehensive.
She loves adventure even though she's a bit queasy at heart.

Feel a bit queasy

Feeling slightly nauseous or uneasy.
After the roller coaster ride, I started to feel a bit queasy.

Queasy about the decision

Being uncertain or having doubts about a particular decision.
She was queasy about the decision to move across the country.

Give someone a queasy feeling

To make someone feel uneasy or slightly nauseous.
Watching the surgery scene in that movie gave me a queasy feeling.

Queasy on the stomach

Something that can easily upset the stomach.
I avoid certain foods because they're queasy on the stomach.

It's not for the queasy

It's not suitable for those easily disturbed or made to feel nauseous.
That horror film is intense; it's not for the queasy.

Pushed past the queasy limit

Being pushed beyond one's comfort zone.
The extreme sports in the show pushed me past my queasy limit.

Make one's head queasy

To confuse or overwhelm someone to the point of discomfort.
All the legal jargon made my head queasy.

Not a queasy bone in one's body

Not being easily disturbed or nauseated by anything.
She watched the entire horror film without flinching; there's not a queasy bone in her body.

Queasy over details

Being overly concerned or fretful about minor details.
He's always queasy over details, even when they don't matter.

Walking on queasy ground

Entering a situation that might make one feel uncomfortable.
By bringing up that topic, he knew he was walking on queasy ground.

Queasy about heights

Feeling uneasy or sick when at a great height.
I can't go on tall buildings; I'm queasy about heights.

Turn queasy

To begin to feel nauseous.
Whenever he thinks about the accident, he turns queasy.

Queasy by nature

Naturally prone to feeling uneasy or nauseous.
I don't enjoy boat rides; I'm queasy by nature.

Queasy in the knees

Feeling weak or shaky, typically from nervousness.
Before going on stage, he always gets a bit queasy in the knees.

Like a queasy dream

Something so strange or unsettling it feels dreamlike.
The entire experience was surreal, like a queasy dream.

A queasy dance

A situation that's awkward and makes one feel uncomfortable.
Trying to negotiate the terms turned into a queasy dance.

Cast a queasy shadow

To cause unease or discomfort over something.
The unresolved issues cast a queasy shadow over the meeting.

Tip the queasy scale

To surpass someone's threshold of discomfort.
The gory details of the story tipped the queasy scale for many.

Queasy in the spotlight

Feeling nervous or uneasy when receiving a lot of attention.
I've always been queasy in the spotlight, preferring to stay in the background.

Queasy Example Sentences

Too much ice cream can make you queasy.
The high altitude in the mountains makes some people queasy.
I felt queasy after the long car journey.
She felt queasy watching the surgery scene in the movie.
I have a queasy feeling about this decision.
If you're queasy, it's best to sit down and rest.
Spinning too fast on the carousel made me queasy.
The haunted house ride made me a bit queasy.
The turbulence during the flight made her queasy.
She felt queasy after reading the graphic novel.
Being in the hot sun for too long can make you queasy.
He's always been queasy about heights.
Fast rides at the amusement park often make him queasy.
Strong smells can make her feel queasy.
After eating too quickly, he felt queasy.

Common Curiosities

How is Queasy used in a sentence?

The roller coaster ride made me feel queasy.

Why is it called Queasy?

The term "queasy" comes from the Middle English "queise," meaning "to be ill."

What is the verb form of Queasy?

Queasy is an adjective and does not have a verb form.

What is the pronunciation of Queasy?


How many syllables are in Queasy?

Two syllables.

How do we divide Queasy into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Queasy?

The first syllable, "Quea."

What is the root word of Queasy?

The Middle English word "queise."

What is the singular form of Queasy?


Is Queasy a noun or adjective?


What is another term for Queasy?


Is Queasy a vowel or consonant?

"Queasy" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is Queasy a countable noun?

No, queasy is an adjective.

Is the word Queasy is imperative?


Is the word Queasy is Gerund?


Is the word “Queasy” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

As an adjective, "queasy" doesn't function as a direct or indirect object. But, a noun it modifies can be.

What is the plural form of Queasy?

Queasiness refers to the state of feeling queasy, but "queasy" itself does not have a plural form.

Is Queasy an adverb?


Is Queasy a negative or positive word?

Negative, as it describes discomfort.

Is Queasy a collective noun?


Is the Queasy term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

Which conjunction is used with Queasy?

Any conjunction can be used depending on the context, like "and" or "but."

Which article is used with Queasy?

"A" or "the" can be used depending on the context, as in "a queasy feeling" or "the queasy sensation."

What part of speech is Queasy?


Is Queasy an abstract noun?

No, it's an adjective.

What is the opposite of Queasy?

Steady or settled.

Which determiner is used with Queasy?

Determiners like "very" or "so" can be used, as in "very queasy."

Which vowel is used before Queasy?

None. It's not customary to use a vowel before "queasy."

Which preposition is used with Queasy?

Various prepositions can be used, like "about" in "queasy about the idea."

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