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Seperating Meaning and Definition

"Seperating" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Separating." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Separating Definitions

The act of dividing or distinguishing things from each other.
The machine is separating the wheat from the chaff.
Distinguishing different elements in a mixture.
The filter is separating the impurities from the water.
Creating distance or distinction between people.
The argument ended up separating the best friends.
Emotionally distancing oneself from others.
He's separating himself from the group due to sadness.
Dividing a collective into individual units.
The project is separating the tasks among team members.
Legal process of ending a marriage.
They are separating after five years of marriage.
Physically dividing two or more items.
The curtain is separating the room into two areas.
Disconnecting parts of a whole.
The mechanic is separating the engine components for repair.
Isolating a single element from a group.
The teacher is separating the disruptive student for a talk.
Differentiating between facts and opinions.
The article is separating facts from personal beliefs.
To set, force, or keep apart
The referee separated the two boxers.
To put space between; space apart or scatter
Small farms that were separated one from another by miles of open land.
To form a border or barrier between (two areas or groups)
A hedge separates the two yards.
To place in different groups; sort
Separate mail by postal zones.
To differentiate or discriminate between; distinguish
A researcher who separated the various ethnic components of the population sample.
To cause to be distinct or different
His natural talent separates him from all the others in the choir.
To remove from a mixture or combination; isolate.
To cause (one person) to stop living with another, or to cause (a couple) to stop living together, often by decree
She was separated from her husband last year. The couple have been separated for a year.
To terminate a contractual relationship with (someone); discharge.
To come apart; become detached
The lining has separated from the inside of the coat.
To withdraw or break away
The state threatened to separate from the Union.
To part company; go away from each other; disperse
The friends separated at the end of the school year.
To stop living together as a couple
They separated after 10 years of marriage.
To become divided into components or parts
Oil and water tend to separate.
Not touching or adjoined; detached
The garage is separate from the house.
Existing or considered as an independent entity
The reference collection is separate from the rest of the library.
Dissimilar from all others; distinct or individual
A cable made of many separate fibers.
Two people who hold separate views on the issue.
Often Separate Having undergone schism or estrangement from a parent body
Separate churches.
A garment, such as a skirt, jacket, or pair of slacks, that may be purchased separately and worn in various combinations with other garments.
A stereo component that is purchased separately and connected to other components as part of a system.
An offprint of an article.
An instance of separating.
Capable of being opened and having its two sided completely detached from one another rather than just being opened for most of its length.
Designed or employed to separate.
Making a clear distinction in ideas or opinions.
The debate is separating the two political positions.

Separating Idioms & Phrases

Separating the strong from the weak

Identifying who is strong and capable versus who is not in a group.
The challenging nature of the course ended up separating the strong from the weak.

Separating fact from fiction

Distinguishing between what is true and what is false.
In today's media landscape, separating fact from fiction has become increasingly important.

Separating wheat from chaff

Distinguishing valuable things or people from worthless ones.
When reviewing job applications, it's essential to be adept at separating wheat from chaff.

Separating paths

The point at which individuals or groups go their different ways.
After college graduation, we found ourselves separating paths and pursuing different careers.

Separating the essentials from the extras

Distinguishing between what is necessary and what is additional or luxury.
Budgeting for the project required separating the essentials from the extras.

Separating hope from reality

Understanding the difference between what is wished for and what is actually possible.
As a startup founder, he had to learn about separating hope from reality.

Separating the sheep from the goats

Differentiating between two distinct groups, often the good and the bad.
The rigorous testing process was effective in separating the sheep from the goats among the students.

Separating the men from the boys

Determining who is truly competent or mature in a group, as opposed to who is not.
The survival training was tough, really separating the men from the boys.

Separating needs from wants

Distinguishing between what is necessary and what is desired.
Effective budgeting requires separating needs from wants.

Separating the past from the present

Differentiating between what has happened before and the current situation.
To move forward, one must focus on separating the past from the present.

Separating theory from practice

Differentiating between conceptual ideas and their practical application.
In medical training, there's a big leap in separating theory from practice.

Separating heart from mind

Distinguishing between emotional and rational decisions.
Choosing the right career path involved separating heart from mind.

Separating truth from lies

Distinguishing between what is honest and what is deceptive.
The detective's job involves separating truth from lies during investigations.

Separating friends from foes

Identifying who is supportive and who is adversarial.
In the world of politics, it's vital to be adept at separating friends from foes.

Separating style from substance

Distinguishing between superficial appearance and genuine quality.
In fashion, the true experts are good at separating style from substance.

Separating the noise from the signal

Identifying useful information within a large amount of irrelevant data.
In stock market analysis, separating the noise from the signal is crucial.

Separating the good from the bad

Identifying what is positive or useful as opposed to what is negative or harmful.
The quality control process involves separating the good from the bad in the product line.

Separating Example Sentences

His attitude is separating him from his colleagues.
She's separating the red apples from the green ones.
He's separating the puzzle pieces by color.
The teacher is separating the test papers by class.
The partition is separating the office into individual workspaces.
The screen is separating the kitchen from the living room.
She's separating her professional and personal life.
The gardener is separating the flowers from the weeds.
The fence is separating our yard from the neighbor's.
The border is separating the two countries.
The chef is separating the egg yolks from the whites.
The bookshelf is separating the room into two study areas.
The new policy is separating recyclable materials from non-recyclables.
He's separating his thoughts before making a decision.
She's separating her expenses into different categories for budgeting.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in separating?

There are four syllables in "separating."

What is the pronunciation of separating?

Separating is pronounced as /ˈsɛpəˌreɪtɪŋ/.

Why is it called separating?

Separating is called so because it refers to the act of dividing or distinguishing things from one another.

How is separating used in a sentence?

Example: "They are separating the recyclables from the trash."

What is another term for separating?

Another term for separating is "dividing."

What is a stressed syllable in separating?

The stressed syllable in "separating" is the second one: sep-a-rat-ing.

What is the verb form of separating?

Separating itself is a verb form, specifically the present participle or gerund form of the verb "separate."

What is the first form of separating?

The first (base) form of separating is "separate."

How do we divide separating into syllables?

Separating is divided into syllables as sep-a-rat-ing.

What is the root word of separating?

The root word of separating is "separate."

What is the second form of separating?

The second (past) form of separating is "separated."

Is separating a negative or positive word?

Separating is neutral; it can have negative or positive connotations depending on the context.

Is separating a countable noun?

Separating is not a noun, so it cannot be countable or uncountable.

Which determiner is used with separating?

Determiners like "the," "this," "that," or possessive pronouns can be used with separating depending on context.

Which vowel is used before separating?

Any vowel can precede "separating" based on context, such as in "a separating mechanism."

What part of speech is separating?

Separating is a verb when used in the context of an action. It can also be an adjective when used to describe a state or condition.

What is the plural form of separating?

The plural form is not applicable to "separating" as it is a verb or adjective.

Is separating an abstract noun?

Separating is not a noun, so it cannot be an abstract noun.

Is separating a collective noun?

Separating is not a noun, so it cannot be a collective noun.

Is the word separating imperative?

No, separating in itself is not imperative. It's a present participle or gerund form of a verb.

Is the word separating Gerund?

Yes, separating can function as a gerund when used as a noun.

What is the opposite of separating?

The opposite of separating is "joining" or "uniting."

Is separating an adverb?

No, separating is not an adverb.

Is the separating term a metaphor?

Separating can be used metaphorically, depending on the context.

Is the word “separating” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Separating can be neither a direct object nor an indirect object as it's a verb or an adjective.

What is the singular form of separating?

The singular form is not applicable to "separating" as it is a verb or adjective, not a noun.

Is separating a vowel or consonant?

This question is not applicable to separating as it is a word, not an individual letter.

Which conjunction is used with separating?

Conjunctions used with separating depend on context, like "and," "but," or "while."

Which article is used with separating?

The articles "a," "an," or "the" can be used with separating depending on the sentence structure and meaning.

What is the third form of separating?

The third (past participle) form of separating is "separated."

Is separating a noun or adjective?

Separating can be an adjective (descriptive term) or a verb (action term), but not a noun.

Which preposition is used with separating?

Prepositions like "from," "into," or "between" can be used with separating depending on context.

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