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Sucession Meaning and Definition

"Sucession" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Succession." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Succession Definitions

Succession refers to the consecutive sequence of events, people, or items, one following the other.
The throne passed through succession to the eldest child.
The process of succeeding or coming after someone.
The new CEO was named in succession to the retiring leader.
The act of following in order or sequence.
The succession of seasons brings different weather patterns.
A series of people or things one after another.
The gallery displayed paintings in chronological succession.
A sequence of biological changes in an ecosystem.
Ecological succession occurred in the forest after the fire.
Inheritance of a title, office, or property.
The crown prince prepared for his succession to the throne.
Continuous sequential order of events.
The succession of historical events shaped the country.
The act of taking over a role or position.
The vice president assumed the presidency in succession.
Series of related events happening one after another.
A succession of storms hit the coast last month.
Legal transmission of a right or property.
The family estate passed through succession to the heirs.
The consecutive arrangement of musical notes or ideas.
The composer's piece featured a complex succession of melodies.
The act or process of following in order or sequence.
A group of people or things arranged or following in order; a sequence
"A succession of one-man stalls offered soft drinks" (Alec Waugh).
The sequence in which one person after another succeeds to a title, throne, or position.
The right of a person or a line of persons to so succeed.
The act or process of succeeding to the rights or duties of another.
The act or process of becoming entitled as a legal beneficiary to the property of a deceased person.
(Ecology) The gradual replacement of one type of ecological community by another in the same area, involving a series of orderly changes, especially in the dominant vegetation, and often resulting in the establishment of a climax community.
An act of following in sequence.
A sequence of things in order.
A passing of royal powers.
A group of rocks or strata that succeed one another in chronological order.
A race or series of descendants.
(agriculture) Rotation, as of crops.
A right to take possession.
(historical) In Roman and Scots law, the taking of property by one person in place of another.
The person who succeeds to rank or office; a successor or heir.
The act of succeeding, or following after; a following of things in order of time or place, or a series of things so following; sequence; as, a succession of good crops; a succession of disasters.
A series of persons or things according to some established rule of precedence; as, a succession of kings, or of bishops; a succession of events in chronology.
He was in the succession to an earldom.
An order or series of descendants; lineage; race; descent.
The power or right of succeeding to the station or title of a father or other predecessor; the right to enter upon the office, rank, position, etc., held ny another; also, the entrance into the office, station, or rank of a predecessor; specifically, the succeeding, or right of succeeding, to a throne.
You have the voice of the king himself for your succession in Denmark.
The animosity of these factions did not really arise from the dispute about the succession.
The right to enter upon the possession of the property of an ancestor, or one near of kin, or one preceding in an established order.
The person succeeding to rank or office; a successor or heir.
A following of one thing after another in time;
The doctor saw a sequence of patients
A group of people or things arranged or following in order;
A succession of stalls offering soft drinks
A succession of failures
The action of following in order;
He played the trumps in sequence
(ecology) the gradual and orderly process of change in an ecosystem brought about by the progressive replacement of one community by another until a stable climax is established
Acquisition of property by descent or by will

Succession Idioms & Phrases

Succession of errors

A series of mistakes following one another.
A succession of errors led to the project's failure.

Succession plan

A strategy for passing leadership or ownership.
The company's succession plan ensured stability.

In quick succession

Happening one after another rapidly.
The athlete won races in quick succession.

Natural succession

The process of natural development or replacement.
The forest underwent natural succession over the years.

Unbroken succession

A continuous series without interruption.
The family business continued in unbroken succession.

Succession of events

A series of events occurring one after another.
The play depicted a succession of historical events.

Rapid succession

Occurring in a fast, consecutive manner.
The comedian told jokes in rapid succession.

Royal succession

The order of inheriting a royal title.
The history book detailed the royal succession.

Succession rights

Legal entitlements to inherit property or position.
The siblings disputed over succession rights.

Through succession

By means of inheriting or following in order.
The prince claimed the throne through succession.

Line of succession

The order in which people are entitled to succeed one another.
The heir was next in the line of succession.

In succession to

Following someone as a successor.
She became manager in succession to Mr. Jones.

Automatic succession

Succession that happens by default or law.
The deputy assumed automatic succession of the role.

Legal succession

The lawful process of inheriting a title or property.
The legal succession was contested in court.

Ecological succession

The process of ecological change in an ecosystem.
The study focused on ecological succession in the wetlands.

Succession of victories

A series of consecutive wins.
The team celebrated a succession of victories.

Inherit by succession

To receive inheritance as per the sequence of heirs.
He inherited the estate by succession.

Succession Example Sentences

The garden blooms in succession throughout the spring.
She received a succession of awards for her work.
The succession plan for the company was carefully devised.
The succession of tests was challenging for the students.
A succession of memories flooded her mind.
A succession of speakers addressed the audience.
A succession of good harvests blessed the village.
The succession of leadership was a smooth transition.
The film showcased a succession of dramatic scenes.
The new monarch ascended the throne by succession.
They observed the succession of bird species in the area.
The team experienced a succession of victories.
A succession of rapid technological advancements occurred.
The succession of events led to the final outcome.
He taught his son about the family business succession.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide succession into syllables?

Succession is divided into syllables as suc-ces-sion.

Why is it called succession?

It is called succession because it originates from the Latin word "successio," meaning a following, proceeding, or sequence.

How many syllables are in succession?

There are three syllables in "succession."

What is a stressed syllable in succession?

The stressed syllable in "succession" is the second syllable, "ces."

How is succession used in a sentence?

Example: "The prince was next in line for the throne, following the order of succession."

What is the verb form of succession?

The verb form related to succession is "succeed."

What is the pronunciation of succession?

Succession is pronounced as \sək-ˈse-shən.

What is the root word of succession?

The root word of "succession" is "succeed."

What is the singular form of succession?

The singular form is "succession."

What is the plural form of succession?

The plural form is "successions."

Is succession a noun or adjective?

Succession is a noun.

Is succession a vowel or consonant?

"Succession" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is the word succession Gerund?

No, succession is not a gerund; it is a noun.

What part of speech is succession?

Succession is a noun.

Is the succession term a metaphor?

"Succession" can be used metaphorically but is often used in a literal sense.

Is succession an adverb?

No, succession is not an adverb; it is a noun.

Is the word succession imperative?

No, succession is not imperative; it is a noun.

Is the word “succession” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Succession" can be used as either a direct object or an indirect object in a sentence.

Which determiner is used with succession?

Determiners like "the," "a," or "some" can be used with succession, depending on the context.

Which vowel is used before succession?

The article "a" is used before succession.

What is another term for succession?

Another term for succession is "sequence."

Is succession an abstract noun?

Yes, succession is an abstract noun.

Is succession a negative or positive word?

Succession is generally neutral and can be used in both positive and negative contexts.

Is succession a countable noun?

Yes, succession is a countable noun.

Is succession a collective noun?

Succession can function as a collective noun, depending on the context.

Which preposition is used with succession?

Prepositions like "in" or "of" can be used with succession.

What is the opposite of succession?

The opposite of succession could be "disorder" or "discontinuity."

Which conjunction is used with succession?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," or "or" can be used in sentences containing succession.

Which article is used with succession?

The article "the" is commonly used before succession.

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