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Touche Meaning and Definition

"Touche" is an exclamation acknowledging a clever point or comeback. e.g., After his witty response, she said, "Touche!"

Touche Definitions

"Touche" signifies one's acceptance of a clever retort.
She made a joke, and he replied, Touche!
"Touche" expresses one's concession to a valid point.
After hearing her evidence, he conceded, Touche.
"Touche" is an acknowledgment of a well-made argument.
When she pointed out the loophole, he admitted, Touche.
"Touche" means recognizing a sharp or apt remark.
He was quick to say Touche! when she corrected him.
"Touche" acknowledges a counterpart's sharp insight.
His friend caught the hidden joke, prompting a laugh and a Touche!
"Touche" shows recognition of a smartly phrased statement.
Challenged by her logic, he could only say, Touche.
"Touche" reveals appreciation for a quick-witted reply.
She cleverly defended her stance, earning a Touche! from the audience.
"Touche" is the act of admitting another's smart observation.
Noticing his mistake, he sighed and said, Touche.
"Touche" is the response to a cleverly made comment.
She noted the irony, and he responded, Touche.
"Touche" is used when someone makes an astute point.
When she revealed the contradiction, he smiled and said, Touche.
Used to acknowledge a hit in fencing or a successful criticism or an effective point in argument.

Touche Idioms & Phrases

Wearing a touche hat

Displaying one's superior wit or intelligence.
When he solved the puzzle in record time, he was certainly wearing a touche hat.

A touche of fate

An unexpected turn of events or twist of luck.
Meeting her at the same cafe was a touche of fate.

Touche and tell

Sharing a personal realization or insight.
During their heart-to-heart, they played touche and tell about their pasts.

In touche’s shadow

Being in the aftermath of a profound revelation.
After the announcement, the team was left in touche’s shadow.

Playing touche and go

Engaging in a risky situation where the outcome is uncertain.
The negotiations between the two countries were playing touche and go.

Touche the rainbow

To experience a wide range of emotions or feelings.
After the movie, I felt like I'd touche the rainbow, laughing and crying within minutes.

In the land of touche

In a state of acknowledgment or understanding.
Once she explained her reasoning, I was in the land of touche.

With a touche of grace

Responding with elegance and poise.
Even in the face of criticism, she replied with a touche of grace.

The touche effect

The ripple effect caused by a striking realization.
The documentary had the touche effect on many, prompting a wave of awareness.

A midnight touche

A realization or revelation that comes suddenly in the middle of the night.
After days of pondering, the solution to the riddle came to him as a midnight touche.

Touche to the wind

Being open and receptive to new ideas.
She always lived her life touche to the wind, always eager to learn.

A touche twist

An unexpected clever or witty turn in a conversation or event.
His story had a touche twist that took everyone by surprise.

Touche at heart

Being deeply affected or moved by a realization.
The kind words left him touche at heart.

Touche to the core

Feeling a deep resonance or connection with a revelation.
The poet's words touched her touche to the core.

Walking the touche line

Carefully navigating a situation to avoid confrontation.
He was walking the touche line during the heated debate.

Giving the touche nod

Acknowledging someone's clever remark or insight.
When she made her point, everyone gave her the touche nod.

Sailing on touche waters

Navigating through a situation filled with wit and revelations.
The debate was like sailing on touche waters, with sharp retorts at every turn.

A touche in time

A timely and apt response or remark.
His comeback was a touche in time, leaving everyone speechless.

Under the touche moon

In a romantic or dreamy state of acknowledgment.
Their dance was so enchanting; it was as if they were under the touche moon.

A touche of dawn

A fresh perspective or understanding at the beginning of something.
With the start of the new project came a touche of dawn.

Touche Example Sentences

"You say you're dieting, but you ate two cupcakes," she teased. "Touche," he chuckled.
"You always talk about saving water, but you take long showers," she said. "Touche," he replied.
Whenever someone makes a great point in debate club, you'll often hear a whispered "Touche."
He thought he had outsmarted her in the game, but her next move made him admit, "Touche!"
In our playful arguments, I know she's won when she smiles and says, "Touche!"
They were always trying to outwit each other, leading to many "Touche!" moments.
I thought I had the best argument until she replied, and all I could say was, "Touche!"
Whenever someone catches me in a contradiction, I have to smile and say, "Touche."
He was proud of his riddle until she guessed the answer right away. "Touche!" he exclaimed.
"I see you're wearing the shirt you said was 'ugly' last week," she pointed out. "Touche," he grinned.
"Didn't you once say you'd never try sushi?" she asked. I had to admit, "Touche."
Every time I think I've surprised her with a fact, she comes back with her own, making me say, "Touche!"
During their friendly debate, she made a point he hadn't considered, prompting a respectful "Touche."
"You always forget to take out the trash," he teased. When she showed him the empty bin, all he could say was, "Touche!"
"Remember when you said you'd never dance? Look at you now!" she laughed. "Touche," he replied.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in Touche?

Touche has two syllables.

What is the verb form of Touche?

Touche does not have a standard verb form as it's primarily an exclamation.

What is a stressed syllable in Touche?

The second syllable "ché" is stressed in "Touche."

Is Touche a negative or positive word?

Touche is neutral; it's an acknowledgment of a point made.

Is Touche a vowel or consonant?

"Touche" is a word, not a single vowel or consonant.

How do we divide Touche into syllables?

Touche is divided as Tou-ché.

Which vowel is used before Touche?

This question is unclear; however, in the word "Touche," the vowels are "o" and "e."

What is the pronunciation of Touche?

The pronunciation of Touche is /tuːˈʃeɪ/.

Is Touche a collective noun?

No, Touche is not a collective noun.

Is the Touche term a metaphor?

No, "Touche" is not a metaphor.

Is the word Touche imperative?

No, "Touche" is not imperative.

What is the root word of Touche?

Touche is derived from the French verb "toucher," meaning "to touch."

Is Touche a noun or adjective?

Touche is primarily an exclamation, but it can be used as a noun.

Is Touche an adverb?

No, Touche is not an adverb.

What is the opposite of Touche?

There isn't a direct opposite for "Touche."

Is Touche an abstract noun?

Yes, when used as a noun, "Touche" can be considered an abstract noun as it represents an idea or acknowledgment.

Is the word Touche a Gerund?

No, "Touche" is not a gerund.

What part of speech is Touche?

Touche is primarily an interjection but can also be used as a noun.

Which determiner is used with Touche?

"Touche" doesn't typically use a determiner when used as an exclamation. When used as a noun, determiners like "a" or "the" could be used depending on the context.

What is the singular form of Touche?

The singular form is "Touche."

What is the plural form of Touche?

The plural form could be "Touches," but this usage is rare.

Which conjunction is used with Touche?

Any conjunction can be used in a sentence containing "Touche," but the word itself doesn't have a specific conjunction tied to it.

Is Touche a countable noun?

No, "Touche" is not typically used as a countable noun.

Is the word “Touche” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Touche" is neither. When used, it's primarily an exclamation or noun.

What is another term for Touche?

Another term for "Touche" is "Well said" or "Good point."

Why is it called Touche?

It's called "Touche" because it comes from the French word for "touched," often used in fencing when one fencer successfully touches the other.

How is Touche used in a sentence?

When he made a clever point, she replied with, "Touche!"

Which preposition is used with Touche?

Typically, "Touche" is not used with a preposition, but it depends on the context of the sentence.

Which article is used with Touche?

When used as an exclamation, it doesn't need an article. If used as a noun, it can be preceded by "a" or "the" depending on the context.

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