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Appoligise Meaning and Definition

"Appoligise" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Apologise." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Apologise Definitions

Apologise means to express regret or say sorry for a wrongdoing or mistake.
I want to apologise for forgetting your birthday.
Apologise can mean seeking forgiveness.
She called to apologise for her delay.
Apologise signifies expressing sorrow for an error.
Please apologise when you hurt someone's feelings.
To apologise is to admit guilt or fault.
He had to apologise for being rude.
Apologise may denote mending fences after a dispute.
To resolve our argument, I should apologise.
To apologise is to convey one's regrets.
I sincerely apologise for my absence.
Apologise might mean to ask for understanding.
Can you apologise for causing inconvenience?
Apologise indicates expressing remorse.
I must apologise for my oversight.
To apologise is to rectify a misdeed with words.
It's important to apologise when you break a promise.
Apologise can also mean admitting a mistake.
She had the grace to apologise when she was wrong.
To apologise is to try to make amends verbally.
He decided to apologise for his outburst.
Standard spelling of apologize
Same as apologize.
Defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning;
Rationalize the child's seemingly crazy behavior
He rationalized his lack of success
Acknowledge faults or shortcomings or failing;
I apologized for being late
He apologized for the many typoes

Apologise Idioms & Phrases

Apologise at the drop of a hat

To be quick to say sorry, often without genuine remorse.
She tends to apologise at the drop of a hat, even when she's not at fault.

Wear your apologise on your sleeve

To show one's remorse openly and without reservation.
After the argument, he wore his apologise on his sleeve.

An ounce of apologise

A little bit of remorse can go a long way.
Even an ounce of apologise from him would have made the situation better.

Apologise after the fact

To say sorry after the consequences of one's actions have already taken effect.
He broke the vase and decided to apologise after the fact.

Bite the bullet and apologise

To muster the courage to admit one's mistake and say sorry.
Even though he was stubborn, he decided to bite the bullet and apologise.

Apologise in circles

To repeatedly apologise without making any progress in mending the situation.
He kept talking and seemed to apologise in circles without addressing the main issue.

Give an apologise a mile wide

To apologise profusely.
Feeling guilty about the incident, he gave an apologise a mile wide.

Better late to apologise than never

It's better to express remorse even if it's delayed than not to do it at all.
I know it's been a year, but better late to apologise than never.

Dance around the apologise

To avoid saying sorry directly.
Instead of admitting his mistake, he danced around the apologise.

Apologise on the double

To apologise quickly or immediately.
When he realised he was wrong, he apologised on the double.

Go the extra mile to apologise

To put in significant effort to express remorse.
He went the extra mile to apologise, sending a handwritten note and flowers.

Roll out the red carpet of apologise

To apologise in an elaborate or grand manner.
Feeling deeply guilty about forgetting their anniversary, he rolled out the red carpet of apologise.

Apologise from the mountaintop

To apologise very publicly or loudly.
After the public scandal, the CEO decided to apologise from the mountaintop.

Put your apologise where your mouth is

To back up one's verbal remorse with meaningful actions.
It's not enough to just say sorry; you need to put your apologise where your mouth is.

An apologise a day keeps conflicts away

Regularly acknowledging and addressing mistakes can prevent bigger problems.
He believed that an apologise a day keeps conflicts away, so he was always quick to admit his faults.

Apologise in the rearview mirror

To reflect upon past actions and express remorse.
Years later, he realised his mistakes and began to apologise in the rearview mirror.

Apologise from the heart

To sincerely express remorse.
It was clear that when she said sorry, she was apologising from the heart.

Apologise out of tune

To apologise in a way that doesn't quite fit the situation or feels insincere.
Her attempt to say sorry felt like she was apologising out of tune.

Apologise by the book

To apologise formally or following a particular protocol.
The company decided to apologise by the book after the oversight.

An apologise in hand is worth two in the bush

It's better to have a genuine apology now than the promise of multiple apologies in the future.
After the dispute, he felt that an apologise in hand was worth two in the bush.

Apologise Example Sentences

Can you please apologise to your brother?
It's mature to apologise when you're wrong.
She decided to apologise after the heated argument.
It's brave to apologise and admit a mistake.
I'll apologise to the teacher for not doing my homework.
She called to apologise for missing the event.
Even leaders sometimes need to apologise.
After the misunderstanding, they both decided to apologise.
I must apologise for arriving late.
I felt it was right to apologise.
He hesitated to apologise, even though he knew he should.
It's never too late to apologise and make things right.
They taught me to always apologise when I'm at fault.
When you hurt someone, it's important to apologise.
I'll personally apologise for the oversight.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in Apologise?

Four syllables.

How do we divide Apologise into syllables?


Why is it called Apologise?

The term originates from the Greek "apologia," meaning a speech in defense.

What is the root word of Apologise?

The root is "apologia" from Greek.

What is the first form of Apologise?


What part of speech is Apologise?


What is the verb form of Apologise?

Apologise is already a verb.

What is the pronunciation of Apologise?


What is the second form of Apologise?


What is the third form of Apologise?


What is a stressed syllable in Apologise?

The third syllable, "lo".

How is Apologise used in a sentence?

I need to apologise for my oversight.

Is Apologise a noun or adjective?

It's a verb.

Is Apologise an abstract noun?


Is Apologise a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, not a single letter, so neither.

Is the word “Apologise” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It's a verb and isn't typically used as an object. However, "apology" can be.

Which vowel is used before Apologise?

The decision of which vowel to use before "apologise" largely depends on the preceding word. However, typically in idiomatic expressions or phrasal verbs, "to" might precede it, as in "to apologise."

What is the plural form of Apologise?

The verb doesn't have a plural form.

What is the opposite of Apologise?

Offend or Accuse.

Is Apologise an adverb?


Is Apologise a countable noun?

No, it's a verb.

Is the Apologise term a metaphor?

Not in its standard use.

Which determiner is used with Apologise?

Determiners like "my," "his," "her," or "their" can be used with "apologise," depending on context. For example: "my need to apologise."

Is Apologise a negative or positive word?

Generally positive, as it shows responsibility and maturity.

Is the word Apologise a Gerund?

Apologising is the gerund form.

Which article is used with Apologise?

Generally, articles aren't directly used with the verb "apologise." However, if discussing the act itself, you might say, "an apology" or "the act of apologising."

Which preposition is used with Apologise?

The most common preposition used with "apologise" is "for," as in "apologise for the mistake."

Which conjunction is used with Apologise?

Any conjunction can be used based on the sentence structure, such as "and," "but," or "because." Example: "He forgot the appointment and had to apologise."

What is another term for Apologise?

Say sorry.

What is the singular form of Apologise?


Is Apologise a collective noun?


Is the word Apologise imperative?

It can be, as in "Please apologise."

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