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Eligibile Meaning and Definition

"Eligibile" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Eligible." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Eligible Definitions

Eligible refers to having the right or qualification to be chosen or to participate in something.
She was eligible for the scholarship based on her grades.
Meeting the necessary conditions for selection.
The player was eligible to join the team after passing the fitness test.
Desirable or suitable for marriage.
In many classic novels, characters are often in search of an eligible bachelor.
Legally qualified to be elected or appointed to office.
She was eligible to run for mayor after residing in the city for over five years.
Apt or fit to be chosen.
Only the most eligible candidates were considered for the scholarship.
Capable of being legally or morally selected.
The charity ensured that only the most eligible families received the aid.
Able to be chosen or considered.
The novel was eligible for the award because it was published within the submission period.
Entitled to receive something by meeting specific criteria.
Students with a 3.5 GPA or higher are eligible for the Dean's List.
Suitable for a purpose or activity.
The field was deemed eligible for the construction of the new school.
Qualified or entitled to be chosen
Eligible to run for office.
Eligible for retirement.
Desirable and worthy of choice, especially for marriage
An eligible bachelor.
(Football) Allowed under the rules to catch a forward pass.
A person who is eligible.
Allowed to and meeting the necessary conditions required to participate in or be chosen for something
Worthy of being chosen (for marriage).
One who is eligible.
That may be selected; proper or qualified to be chosen; legally qualified to be elected and to hold office.
Worthy to be chosen or selected; suitable; desirable; as, an eligible situation for a house.
The more eligible of the two evils.
Qualified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen;
Eligible to run for office
Eligible for retirement benefits
An eligible bachelor
Prohibited by official rules;
An eligible pass receiver
Qualified for a specific right or benefit.
He became eligible for the company's health insurance plan after three months of employment.
Having reached a condition that permits a certain action.
After his 18th birthday, he was eligible to vote in the election.

Eligible Snonyms


Worthy of being given something.
The most deserving students received the scholarships.


Having the ability or qualities necessary.
The system is capable of processing thousands of transactions per second.


Having the necessary skills or knowledge.
She was qualified for the position due to her extensive experience.


Appropriate for a certain purpose or condition.
The climate is suitable for growing grapes.


Being of the right quality, standard, or type.
He is fit to lead the team on the project.


Relevant or appropriate.
The same rules are applicable to everyone in the competition.


Having a right to something.
Members are entitled to a discount at all partner stores.


Having official permission.
Only authorized personnel are allowed beyond this point.


Properly or adequately qualified.
The judge found the witness to be competent to testify.


Acceptable or valid, especially as evidence in a court of law.
The document was admissible as evidence in the trial.

Eligible Idioms & Phrases

Eligible to compete

Meeting the requirements to participate in a competition.
The team was finally eligible to compete in the championships.

Eligible bachelor

A man who is desirable as a marriage partner due to being unmarried, wealthy, or attractive.
The party was filled with eligible bachelors.

Eligible for parole

Having served enough of a sentence to qualify for early release.
After five years, he became eligible for parole.

On the eligible list

Being on a list of people qualified for certain jobs or benefits.
She was on the eligible list for a government position.

Make oneself eligible

To meet the necessary criteria or qualifications.
He took extra courses to make himself eligible for the scholarship.

Medically eligible

Meeting health criteria for insurance or treatment programs.
Patients must be medically eligible to participate in the trial.

Eligible for renewal

Meeting the criteria to extend something, like a license or subscription.
Her membership was eligible for renewal in June.


Meeting the requirements to receive academic financial aid.
High-achieving students were scholarship-eligible.

Eligible for re-election

Able to be chosen again in an election.
The president was eligible for re-election after his first term.


Being the right age to do something, such as vote or drive.
She was age-eligible to enter the contest.

Eligible for selection

Meeting the criteria to be chosen for something, like a team or award.
All nominees were eligible for selection.

Financially eligible

Meeting the income or asset criteria for financial aid or benefits.
Many families were financially eligible for the housing assistance program.

Eligible for a bonus

Qualifying for extra pay based on performance or conditions.
Employees were eligible for a bonus at the end of the year.

Eligible to participate

Meeting the requirements to take part in an activity or event.
Volunteers were eligible to participate in the raffle.

Eligible for upgrade

Qualifying for a better version or service.
Passengers were eligible for an upgrade to first class.

Eligible for exemption

Qualifying to be excused from a duty or requirement.
Some residents were eligible for exemption from the tax.

Eligible for release

Meeting the criteria to be released from custody or care.
The animal was eligible for release back into the wild.

Eligible for retirement

Having met the age or service requirements to retire.
After 30 years of service, he was eligible for retirement.

Eligible for a discount

Qualifying for a reduction in price.
Students are eligible for a discount at the bookstore.

Eligibly employed

Having employment that meets certain standards or requirements.
Only eligibly employed individuals could join the union.

Eligible Example Sentences

He was an eligible candidate for the job because of his skills and experience.
Only eligible voters can cast a ballot in the election.
She was excited to find out she was eligible for the study abroad program.
The new policy made more people eligible for healthcare coverage.
To be eligible for the contest, you must submit your entry by the deadline.
The house was eligible for inclusion in the historic registry.
They checked the list to see if they were eligible for the grant.
To become eligible for the promotion, employees had to complete a training course.
Children under twelve are not eligible to enter the competition.
The insurance plan requires that you be eligible to receive benefits.
The car was eligible for the vintage vehicle show due to its age and condition.
Young adults become eligible to vote at the age of eighteen.
After years of research, the scientist was eligible for the prestigious award.
To be eligible for the discount, you must show your student ID.
The athlete was declared eligible to compete after passing the drug test.

Common Curiosities

How is eligible used in a sentence?

Eligible is used to describe someone or something that meets specific criteria or qualifications, e.g., She was eligible for the scholarship due to her high academic achievements.

How many syllables are in eligible?

There are four syllables in eligible.

What is the pronunciation of eligible?

Eligible is pronounced as /ˈɛlɪdʒɪbəl/.

Why is it called eligible?

The term "eligible" comes from the Latin word "eligibilis," meaning "to choose," reflecting the idea of being qualified or worthy of choice.

What is a stressed syllable in eligible?

The first syllable is stressed in eligible, as in "EL-i-gi-ble."

What is the singular form of eligible?

Eligible does not have a singular or plural form as it is an adjective; it describes the state of being qualified or suitable.

How do we divide eligible into syllables?

Eligible is divided into syllables as el-i-gi-ble.

What is the verb form of eligible?

Eligible does not have a verb form; it is an adjective. The verb related to eligible is "to qualify."

What is another term for eligible?

Another term for eligible is "qualified."

What is the root word of eligible?

The root word of eligible is the Latin "eligibilis," meaning "selectable" or "able to be chosen."

Is eligible a noun or adjective?

Eligible is an adjective.

Is eligible an adverb?

No, eligible is not an adverb; it is an adjective.

Is the word “eligible” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Eligible cannot be a direct or indirect object as it is an adjective, not a noun.

What part of speech is eligible?

Eligible is an adjective.

Is eligible an abstract noun?

No, eligible is an adjective, not a noun.

Is eligible a negative or positive word?

Eligible is generally considered a positive word, as it implies qualification or suitability.

Is the eligible term a metaphor?

Eligible can be used metaphorically to describe suitability or qualification in various contexts, but it is not inherently a metaphor.

Is the word eligible imperative?

No, eligible is not imperative; it is an adjective.

Which determiner is used with eligible?

Determiners like "the," "an," or "any" can be used with eligible, depending on the context.

Is eligible a countable noun?

Eligible is not a noun; it is an adjective and therefore not countable.

Is the word eligible Gerund?

No, eligible is not a gerund; it is an adjective.

Which article is used with eligible?

The article "an" is used before eligible due to its initial vowel sound.

Is eligible a collective noun?

No, eligible is an adjective, not a noun.

Which vowel is used before eligible?

The article "an" is used before eligible because it starts with a vowel sound.

Which preposition is used with eligible?

Prepositions such as "for" or "to" are often used with eligible, e.g., "eligible for" or "eligible to participate."

What is the plural form of eligible?

Eligible remains the same in both singular and plural contexts because it is an adjective.

What is the opposite of eligible?

The opposite of eligible is "ineligible."

Is eligible a vowel or consonant?

The word eligible starts with a vowel sound.

Which conjunction is used with eligible?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with eligible, depending on the sentence structure.

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