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Athiest Meaning and Definition

"Athiest" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Atheist." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Atheist Definitions

A person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods.
The atheist expressed her views during the philosophical discussion.
Disbelieves Religious Doctrines: Atheist signifies someone who disbelieves religious doctrines and teachings.
Being an atheist, he challenges religious dogmas.
Advocate of Non-religious Perspective: Atheist can refer to an advocate of a non-religious perspective.
The atheist speaker discussed morality outside of religion.
Non-Believer in Deities: An atheist is someone who does not believe in any deities.
As an atheist, he doesn't participate in religious rituals.
Lacks Belief in Supernatural: An atheist lacks belief in supernatural beings or entities.
She identifies as an atheist and relies on scientific explanations.
Non-Religious Person: Atheist can describe someone who is not religious.
The atheist preferred secular viewpoints in discussions.
Rejects Theism: An atheist is someone who rejects theism and the belief in a god.
The atheist community advocates for secularism.
Disbelief in or denial of the existence of God or gods.
(religion) A person who does not believe in deities.
(narrowly) A person who believes that no deities exist one who has no other religious belief.
(broadly) A person who rejects belief that any deities exist (whether or not that person believes that deities do not exist).
(loosely) A person who has no belief in any deities, such as a person who has no concept of deities.
(uncommon) A person who does not believe in a particular deity (or any deity in a particular pantheon), notwithstanding that they may believe in another deity.
(proscribed) A person who does not believe in any religion (not even a religion without gods)
Of or relating to atheists or atheism; atheistic.
To make someone an atheist.
One who disbelieves or denies the existence of a God, or supreme intelligent Being.
A godless person.
Someone who denies the existence of god
Related to or characterized by or given to atheism;
Atheist leanings
God Denier: Atheist refers to a person who denies the existence of god.
The atheist debated about religious beliefs.
Skeptical about Deities: An atheist is skeptical about the existence of any divine being.
The atheist asked for evidence of divine existence.
No Faith in Gods: Atheist implies having no faith or belief in gods.
She was raised as an atheist.
Secular Thinker: An atheist often aligns with secular and humanistic principles.
The atheist valued humanistic ethics over religious ones.

Atheist Idioms & Phrases

Atheist's doubt

Skepticism or disbelief in religious or spiritual assertions.
He approached the religious texts with an atheist's doubt.

To wear the hat of the atheist

To adopt or express a non-believing or skeptical viewpoint.
When discussing the origin of the universe, he often wears the hat of the atheist.

To walk the path of the atheist

To lead a life based on non-belief in a deity or deities.
She chose to walk the path of the atheist, relying on reason and science.

In the company of atheists

Surrounded by or in association with people who do not believe in a deity.
At the conference, he was in the company of atheists.

An atheist in the church

Someone who is out of place due to differing beliefs or viewpoints.
As a firm non-believer, he felt like an atheist in the church at the ceremony.

Atheist's perspective

A viewpoint or opinion that is based on non-belief in a deity.
His analysis of the artwork was from an atheist's perspective.

To find comfort in the atheist's philosophy

To find solace or reassurance in a non-religious outlook on life.
In times of crisis, she found comfort in the atheist's philosophy.

Atheist's argument

A reasoning or debate position that supports non-belief or skepticism.
He presented an atheist's argument during the discussion.

To strike with the atheist's pen

To critique or question religious beliefs or practices through writing.
His latest book struck with the atheist's pen, challenging traditional doctrines.

In the garden of the atheist

In a situation or environment where religious beliefs are absent or questioned.
His scientific arguments placed him in the garden of the atheist.

Atheist's shadow

The influence or presence of atheistic thought or skepticism.
In the realm of philosophy, the atheist's shadow looms large.

To walk through the atheist's door

To embrace or enter into a state of non-belief or skepticism.
After much contemplation, he walked through the atheist's door.

To build the atheist's case

To create a set of arguments or evidence supporting atheism.
His speech aimed to build the atheist's case against religious dogma.

To sit at the atheist's table

To engage in discussions or debates where religious beliefs are questioned.
At the university, he often sat at the atheist's table, discussing various belief systems.

An atheist's journey

The personal experience of exploring or coming to terms with atheism.
Her autobiography detailed an atheist's journey through different cultures.

Under the atheist's sky

In an environment or mindset where religious beliefs are not acknowledged.
He felt most at peace under the atheist's sky, free from religious constraints.

To speak in the atheist's tongue

To express oneself in a manner that reflects non-belief or skepticism.
In his lectures, he often spoke in the atheist's tongue.

Atheist's question

An inquiry or probe that challenges religious or spiritual beliefs.
The debate was sparked by an atheist's question about the existence of a higher power.

Atheist's challenge

A situation or issue that tests or confronts one's non-belief.
The religious fervor of the town posed an atheist's challenge for her.

To light the atheist's candle

To promote or support atheism or secular ideas.
His writings were known to light the atheist's candle amidst religious discourse.

Atheist Example Sentences

He identified as an atheist from a young age.
The atheist participated in the interfaith dialogue to share her perspective.
The atheist student respectfully declined to attend the religious ceremony.
She explained her atheist beliefs to her curious friends.
As an atheist, she advocated for rational thinking and skepticism.
The atheist contributed to discussions on ethical living without religious influence.
The atheist argued for a separation of church and state.
The book club read a book by a famous atheist author.
As an atheist, he focused on scientific explanations for natural phenomena.
She found support in an online community of atheists.
He respected his parents' religious beliefs, though he was an atheist.
The atheist family celebrated the holidays in a secular way.
The philosopher's atheist views influenced his theories.
They attended a lecture on the history of atheist thought.
The atheist volunteered at a secular charity organization.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide atheist into syllables?

"Atheist" is divided into syllables as "a-the-ist."

How many syllables are in atheist?

There are three syllables in "atheist."

How is atheist used in a sentence?

Example: "She identified herself as an atheist during the discussion on religion."

What is a stressed syllable in atheist?

The second syllable "the" is the stressed syllable in "atheist."

What is the pronunciation of atheist?

"Atheist" is pronounced as /ˈeɪ.θi.ɪst/.

Why is it called atheist?

"Atheist" comes from the Greek "atheos," meaning "without god," with "a-" signifying "without" and "theos" meaning "god."

What is the verb form of atheist?

"Atheist" is a noun and does not have a verb form. The related verb could be "deny" in the context of denying the existence of deities.

What is the root word of atheist?

The root word of "atheist" is the Greek "atheos."

What is the singular form of atheist?

The singular form is "atheist."

What is the plural form of atheist?

The plural form is "atheists."

Is atheist an adverb?

No, "atheist" is not an adverb.

What part of speech is atheist?

"Atheist" is a noun.

What is another term for atheist?

Another term for "atheist" is "nonbeliever."

Is atheist a vowel or consonant?

"Atheist" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is atheist a collective noun?

No, "atheist" is not a collective noun.

Is the word atheist imperative?

"Atheist" is a noun and is not used in the imperative form.

Is the word atheist Gerund?

"Atheist" is not a gerund; it is a noun.

Which vowel is used before atheist?

Any vowel can precede "atheist" depending on the context.

Is atheist an abstract noun?

"Atheist" is a concrete noun as it refers to a person with a specific belief.

Is atheist a negative or positive word?

"Atheist" is neutral; it describes a belief system and is not inherently negative or positive.

Which preposition is used with atheist?

Prepositions like "of" or "among" can be used with "atheist."

Which conjunction is used with atheist?

Conjunctions like "and," "or," or "but" can be used in sentences with "atheist."

Which article is used with atheist?

Both "the" and "an" can be used with "atheist," depending on the context.

What is the opposite of atheist?

The opposite of "atheist" is "theist."

Is atheist a noun or adjective?

"Atheist" is a noun.

Is the atheist term a metaphor?

"Atheist" is typically not used as a metaphor; it's a literal term for someone who does not believe in deities.

Is the word “atheist” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Atheist" can be used as a direct object in a sentence.

Which determiner is used with atheist?

Determiners like "the," "an," or "this" can be used with "atheist."

Is atheist a countable noun?

Yes, "atheist" is a countable noun.

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