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Experiance Meaning and Definition

"Experiance" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Experience." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Experience Definitions

The knowledge or skill gained through involvement in or exposure to an event, activity, or occurrence.
The camping trip was a new experience for her.
Accumulated Knowledge: Experience is the accumulated knowledge or wisdom gained from living through various events.
Her years of teaching provided valuable experience.
Learning by Doing: Experience implies acquiring skills or knowledge through doing or practicing.
Cooking classes gave him hands-on experience in the kitchen.
Feeling or Sensation: Experience can mean a feeling or sensation undergone by an individual.
The roller coaster ride was a thrilling experience.
Professional Expertise: Experience in a job or profession denotes expertise gained over time.
She has extensive experience in graphic design.
Direct Observation: Experience can mean direct observation or encounter with situations.
The museum visit was an enriching experience for the students.
Life Events: Experience encompasses significant events or periods in one's life.
Moving to a new city was a major life experience.
Subjective Perception: Experience can refer to an individual's subjective perception or interpretation of events.
Everyone’s experience of the concert was different.
The apprehension of an object, thought, or emotion through the senses or mind
A child's first experience of snow.
Active participation in events or activities, leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skill
A lesson taught by experience.
A carpenter with experience in roof repair.
The knowledge or skill so derived.
An event or a series of events participated in or lived through.
The totality of such events in the past of an individual or group.
To participate in personally; undergo
Experience a great adventure.
Experienced loneliness.
The effect upon the judgment or feelings produced by any event, whether witnessed or participated in; personal and direct impressions as contrasted with description or fancies; personal acquaintance; actual enjoyment or suffering.
It was an experience he would not soon forget.
(countable) An activity one has performed.
(countable) A collection of events and/or activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge, opinions, and skills.
(uncountable) The knowledge thus gathered.
Trial; a test or experiment.
(transitive) To observe certain events; undergo a certain feeling or process; or perform certain actions that may alter one or contribute to one's knowledge, opinions, or skills.
Trial, as a test or experiment.
She caused him to make experienceUpon wild beasts.
The effect upon the judgment or feelings produced by any event, whether witnessed or participated in; personal and direct impressions as contrasted with description or fancies; personal acquaintance; actual enjoyment or suffering.
I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.
To most men experience is like the stern lights of a ship, which illumine only the track it has passed.
When the consuls . . . came in . . . they knew soon by experience how slenderly guarded against danger the majesty of rulers is where force is wanting.
Those that undertook the religion of our Savior upon his preaching, had no experience of it.
An act of knowledge, one or more, by which single facts or general truths are ascertained; experimental or inductive knowledge; hence, implying skill, facility, or practical wisdom gained by personal knowledge, feeling or action; as, a king without experience of war.
Whence hath the mind all the materials of reason and knowledge? To this I answer in one word, from experience.
Experience may be acquired in two ways; either, first by noticing facts without any attempt to influence the frequency of their occurrence or to vary the circumstances under which they occur; this is observation; or, secondly, by putting in action causes or agents over which we have control, and purposely varying their combinations, and noticing what effects take place; this is experiment.
To make practical acquaintance with; to try personally; to prove by use or trial; to have trial of; to have the lot or fortune of; to have befall one; to be affected by; to feel; as, to experience pain or pleasure; to experience poverty; to experience a change of views.
The partial failure and disappointment which he had experienced in India.
To exercise; to train by practice.
The youthful sailors thus with early careTheir arms experience, and for sea prepare.
The accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities;
A man of experience
Experience is the best teacher
The content of direct observation or participation in an event;
He had a religious experience
He recalled the experience vividly
An event as apprehended;
A surprising experience
That painful experience certainly got our attention
Go or live through;
We had many trials to go through
He saw action in Viet Nam
Have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations;
I know the feeling!
Have you ever known hunger?
I have lived a kind of hell when I was a drug addict
The holocaust survivors have lived a nightmare
I lived through two divorces
Of mental or physical states or experiences;
Get an idea
Experience vertigo
Get nauseous
Undergo a strange sensation
The chemical undergoes a sudden change
The fluid undergoes shear
Receive injuries
Have a feeling
Undergo an emotional sensation;
She felt resentful
He felt regret
The stocks had a fast run-up
Practical Involvement: Experience refers to the practical involvement or participation in an activity or event.
He gained experience in carpentry during his apprenticeship.
Personal Encounter: Experience refers to a personal encounter or involvement in a particular situation.
Traveling abroad was an eye-opening experience.
Event or Occurrence: Experience can describe an event or occurrence that leaves an impact.
The earthquake was a frightening experience.

Experience Idioms & Phrases

The voice of experience

Advice or guidance based on practical knowledge gained over time.
When facing a challenge, it's valuable to seek the voice of experience for wise counsel.

Weathered by experience

Toughened or strengthened as a result of enduring various life situations.
The seasoned detective's calm demeanor was weathered by experience, even in the face of challenging cases.

Through the lens of experience

Viewing or understanding something based on personal encounters or history.
Reading the historical novel allowed her to see the events through the lens of experience, gaining a deeper understanding of the past.

The highs and lows of experience

The varying moments of success and failure encountered throughout life.
Entrepreneurship involves navigating the highs and lows of experience, learning from both successes and setbacks.

Bridge the gap of experience

To connect or overcome differences in knowledge or understanding.
Training programs aim to bridge the gap of experience between new hires and seasoned employees.

The sum of life experiences

The collective impact of various events and situations in one's life.
The memoir captured the author's reflections on the sum of life experiences, shaping their identity and perspectives.

Gain firsthand experience

To directly encounter or participate in something.
Working on the farm allowed him to gain firsthand experience in agriculture.

Experience the ups and downs

To go through both positive and negative situations.
Over the years, the athlete learned to experience the ups and downs of competition with resilience.

In the realm of experience

Within the scope or domain of personal encounters or knowledge.
The philosopher explored profound questions in the realm of experience, seeking to understand the nature of existence.

A wealth of experience

An extensive and valuable accumulation of knowledge and skills.
The consultant brought a wealth of experience to the project, offering insights from years of working in the industry.

The mosaic of human experience

The intricate and varied compilation of human stories and lives.
Literature often explores the mosaic of human experience, portraying characters with diverse backgrounds and challenges.

The bittersweet taste of experience

The mixture of joy and sorrow that comes with lived experiences.
Graduation day had a bittersweet taste of experience, marking the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new journey.

Experience the pinnacle of success

To reach the highest point of achievement or accomplishment.
Winning the championship allowed the team to experience the pinnacle of success in their sports career.

The mosaic of professional experience

The diverse and varied background of work-related encounters.
A well-rounded resume showcases the mosaic of professional experience, making a candidate more appealing to employers.

Experience the full spectrum

To encounter the complete range or variety of something.
Living in a multicultural city allows individuals to experience the full spectrum of diverse cultures.

Beyond one's wildest experience

Surpassing one's expectations or previous encounters.
The adventure vacation went beyond their wildest experience, providing unforgettable moments.

An eye-opening experience

A situation or event that broadens one's perspective and understanding.
Traveling to a new country can be an eye-opening experience, exposing individuals to different cultures and customs.

Experience the ebb and flow

To go through the natural cycles of growth and decline.
Business owners must be prepared to experience the ebb and flow of market trends.

Learn from firsthand experience

To gain knowledge or wisdom through direct involvement or personal encounters.
Students benefit greatly when they have the opportunity to learn from firsthand experience rather than just theoretical knowledge.

Rich tapestry of experience

The intricate and diverse collection of life encounters.
The elderly artist created a rich tapestry of experience through decades of expressing emotions on canvas.

Experience Example Sentences

His first flight was an exciting experience.
She talked about her experience working at the bakery.
The book described her experience living in different countries.
They had a memorable experience at the summer camp.
The science fair was a learning experience for all participants.
She cherished the experience of seeing snow for the first time.
He reflected on his experience as a team captain.
He shared his experience of hiking through the mountains.
The play provided an immersive theatrical experience.
Volunteering at the shelter was a rewarding experience.
The art exhibit offered a unique visual experience.
The workshop was a practical experience in teamwork.
She wanted to experience life in a big city.
His experience in robotics helped him win the competition.
They shared stories about their experiences during the trip.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in experience?

The stressed syllable is "pe" in "experience."

How many syllables are in experience?

There are four syllables in "experience."

How do we divide experience into syllables?


What is the root word of experience?

The root word is "experientia."

What is the third form of experience?

The third form is also "experienced."

What is the verb form of experience?

The verb form is "to experience."

What is the first form of experience?

The first form is "experience."

Why is it called experience?

It comes from the Latin word "experientia," meaning encounter or participation.

How is experience used in a sentence?

Her extensive experience in marketing makes her an ideal candidate.

What is the pronunciation of experience?

Pronounced: /ɪkˈspɪri.əns/

Is experience a negative or positive word?

"Experience" is generally a neutral word, context-dependent.

What is the opposite of experience?

The opposite could be "inexperience" or "novice."

Is experience an abstract noun?

Yes, "experience" is an abstract noun.

Is experience a vowel or consonant?

The word "experience" contains both vowels and consonants.

Is experience a countable noun?

Yes, "experience" can be a countable noun.

Is experience a collective noun?

No, "experience" is not a collective noun.

Is the experience term a metaphor?

No, the term "experience" is not a metaphor; it is literal.

Is the word experience imperative?

No, the word "experience" is not used as an imperative.

What part of speech is experience?

"Experience" is a noun.

What is another term for experience?

Another term could be "knowledge" or "expertise."

What is the plural form of experience?

The plural form is "experiences."

Is experience an adverb?

No, "experience" is not an adverb.

Is experience a noun or adjective?

"Experience" is a noun.

Which determiner is used with experience?

Determiners like "an," "the," or "some" can be used with "experience."

Which vowel is used before experience?

The vowel "e" is used before "experience."

What is the second form of experience?

The second form is "experienced."

What is the singular form of experience?

The singular form is "experience."

Is the word experience Gerund?

Yes, "experiencing" can be used as a gerund.

Is the word "experience" a Direct object or an Indirect object?

The word "experience" can be used as a direct object.

Which preposition is used with experience?

Prepositions like "in," "with," or "through" can be used with "experience."

Which conjunction is used with experience?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with "experience."

Which article is used with experience?

Articles like "an" or "the" can be used with "experience."

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