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Slidding Meaning and Definition

"Slidding" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Sliding." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Sliding Definitions

Shifting position or location in a smooth manner.
He adjusted his glasses by sliding them up his nose.
Causing to move or pass effortlessly from one condition to another.
The conversation was sliding from formal to casual.
Sliding refers to moving smoothly along a surface while maintaining continuous contact with it.
The child enjoyed sliding down the snowy hill.
To move out of the correct position.
The picture frame was sliding down the wall.
To move over a surface while maintaining smooth continuous contact.
To participate in a sport that involves such movement
Sliding for a medal in luge.
To lose a secure footing or positioning; slip
Slid on the ice and fell.
To pass smoothly and quietly; glide
Slid past the door without anyone noticing.
(Baseball) To drop down from a running into a lying or diving position when approaching a base so as to avoid being tagged out.
To be ignored or not dealt with; drop
Let the matter slide.
To decrease
Prices slid in morning trading.
To become less favorable or less desirable
Economic conditions have begun to slide.
To cause to slide or slip
Slid the glass down to the other end of the counter.
To place covertly or deftly
Slid the stolen merchandise into his pocket.
A sliding movement or action.
A smooth, usually inclined surface or track for sliding
A water slide.
A playground apparatus for children to slide on, typically consisting of a smooth chute climbed onto by means of a ladder.
A part that operates by sliding, as the U-shaped section of tube on a trombone that is moved to change the pitch.
A period of decline or loss
"The semiconductor industry is heading for a cyclical slide" (New York Times).
An image on a transparent base for projection on a screen.
One of a series of images projected digitally as part of a presentation.
A small glass plate for mounting specimens to be examined under a microscope.
A fall of a mass of rock, earth, or snow down a slope; an avalanche or landslide.
A backless shoe with an open toe.
A slight portamento used in violin playing, passing quickly from one note to another.
An ornamentation consisting of two grace notes approaching the main note.
A small metal or glass tube worn over a finger or held in the hand, used in playing bottleneck-style guitar.
The bottleneck style of guitar playing.
Present participle of slide
Children were swinging and sliding in the playground.
The motion of something that slides.
Designed or able to slide.
Our yard is just outside the sliding door.
That slides or slips; gliding; moving smoothly.
Slippery; elusory.
That sliding science hath me made so bare.
Being a smooth continuous motion
Moving smoothly over a surface with ease.
She was sliding across the icy pond with her skates.
To pass or slip into a specified state or situation subtly.
They found themselves sliding into debt.
To operate or move by sliding parts.
She was sliding the door open to enter the room.
To decline or decrease gradually.
The company's profits were sliding due to market conditions.
To insert or withdraw quickly and smoothly.
He was sliding the card into the ATM.
To move stealthily or unobtrusively.
The cat was sliding through the grass towards its prey.
Engaging in a sliding motion as a form of play or sport.
The children were sliding on the playground slide.

Sliding Snonyms


Turning or sliding uncontrollably, especially for vehicles.
The truck slewed to a halt in the mud.


Sliding uncontrollably on a slippery surface.
The car ended up skidding on the icy road.


Moving smoothly and continuously.
The swan was gliding gracefully across the lake.


Moving easily and quietly, often unintentionally.
He ended up slipping on the wet floor.


Moving smoothly over a surface with a twisting or oscillating motion.
The snake was slithering through the grass.


Moving slowly, especially as a result of external forces.
The boat was drifting away from the shore.


Changing position or direction.
He was shifting uncomfortably in his seat.


Moving quickly and smoothly on a surface.
The child was scooting around on his scooter.


Moving swiftly and smoothly.
The dancer was sweeping across the stage.

Sliding Idioms & Phrases

Sliding into DMs

Sending a direct message in a smooth or unnoticed manner, often with romantic or flirtatious intent.
He was known for sliding into DMs on social media.

Sliding door moment

A pivotal moment where a seemingly small decision impacts one's future significantly.
Choosing which college to attend was her sliding door moment.

Sliding scale

A variable rate or fee that changes based on another factor, like income.
The clinic offered a sliding scale for its services.

Sliding into home

Completing something with just barely enough time or effort.
He finished the project in the nick of time, sliding into home.

Sliding under the radar

Going unnoticed or not attracting attention.
The new policy was implemented, sliding under the radar of most employees.

Slip and slide

To move in a way that lacks stability or control.
The new recruits were slip and sliding during the drill.

Sliding scale of justice

The idea that justice or punishment can vary based on circumstances or individual cases.
The sliding scale of justice was evident in the sentencing.

Slip sliding away

Gradually losing grasp on a situation or condition.
His control over the project felt like it was slip sliding away.

Sliding rule

A rule that can be adjusted or interpreted flexibly.
The company's dress code was a sliding rule, depending on the occasion.

Sliding through life

Living without much effort or direction.
He seemed to be just sliding through life without any goals.

Sliding into success

Achieving success smoothly or unexpectedly.
The startup was sliding into success with its innovative product.

Sliding by

Managing to get through something with minimal effort or just barely succeeding.
She was just sliding by in her classes.

Sliding into oblivion

Becoming forgotten or irrelevant.
Without constant updates, many apps end up sliding into oblivion.

Sliding into place

Everything fitting or coming together perfectly.
After months of hard work, all the project pieces were sliding into place.

Sliding into view

Becoming visible or coming to attention gradually.
As they approached, the distant mountains were sliding into view.

Sliding window

A period of time that moves forward with each passing day.
The project's timeline was based on a sliding window of completion.

Sliding fee

A fee that adjusts based on one's ability to pay.
The daycare offered a sliding fee to accommodate low-income families.

Sliding into the weekend

Transitioning into the weekend with ease or relief.
After a tough week, everyone was looking forward to sliding into the weekend.

Sliding out of control

Losing the ability to manage or direct a situation.
The debate was sliding out of control with raised voices.

Sliding Example Sentences

He was carefully sliding the glass pane into the window frame.
The car was sliding on the slippery road during the storm.
The athlete was sliding into base during the game.
During the meeting, she was sliding between topics effortlessly.
The children spent the afternoon sliding down the hill on sleds.
They noticed the shadows were sliding longer as the sun set.
They were sliding into a comfortable routine after moving in together.
She was sliding her phone back into her pocket after the call.
The chef was sliding the pizza into the hot oven.
The ice skater was sliding across the ice with elegance.
The pages of the book were sliding out of the damaged binding.
He was sliding his feet across the dance floor.
The drawer was sliding open with a squeak.
She was sliding into a more formal tone as the discussion progressed.
The boat was sliding through the water smoothly.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide sliding into syllables?

Sliding is divided into syllables as slid-ing.

Why is it called sliding?

The term "sliding" comes from the Old English "slidan," which means to slip or glide. It refers to the action of moving smoothly over a surface, maintaining continuous contact.

How many syllables are in sliding?

There are two syllables in sliding.

What is the verb form of sliding?

The verb form of "sliding" is "slide."

What is a stressed syllable in sliding?

The first syllable is stressed in sliding, as in "SLID-ing."

What is the first form of sliding?

The first form of "sliding," as a verb, is "slide."

What is the third form of sliding?

The third form of "sliding," as a verb, is also "slid."

How is sliding used in a sentence?

Sliding is used to describe the action of moving smoothly and continuously along a surface, e.g., The kids were sliding down the water slide all afternoon.

What is the second form of sliding?

The second form of "sliding," as a verb, is "slid."

What part of speech is sliding?

Sliding is a gerund when used as a noun (indicating the action of sliding) and a present participle when used as an adjective (describing something that is performing the action of sliding).

What is the pronunciation of sliding?

Sliding is pronounced as /ˈslaɪdɪŋ/.

What is another term for sliding?

Another term for sliding is "gliding."

What is the singular form of sliding?

Sliding does not have a singular or plural form in its usage as a gerund or participle; its form does not change.

What is the root word of sliding?

The root word of sliding is "slide."

What is the plural form of sliding?

As with its singular form, sliding does not have a distinct plural form when used as a gerund or participle.

Is sliding a negative or positive word?

Sliding is neutral; it can have positive or negative connotations depending on the context.

Is the sliding term a metaphor?

Sliding can be used metaphorically to describe a smooth transition or movement in non-physical contexts.

Which determiner is used with sliding?

Determiners like "the" or "my" can be used with sliding when it functions as a gerund, depending on the context.

Is sliding an adverb?

No, sliding is not an adverb.

Is sliding an abstract noun?

When used as a gerund, sliding is not typically considered an abstract noun since it refers to a specific action rather than an abstract concept.

Is the word sliding Gerund?

Yes, when used to denote the action of sliding, it is a gerund.

Is the word “sliding” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

As a gerund, sliding can serve as a direct object in a sentence, e.g., "She enjoys sliding."

Which conjunction is used with sliding?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," or "while" can be used with sliding, depending on the structure of the sentence.

What is the opposite of sliding?

The opposite of sliding could be considered "sticking" or "halting," depending on the context.

Is sliding a noun or adjective?

Sliding can be both: as a gerund (noun) when it refers to the act of sliding, and as a present participle (adjective) when it describes something that is in the process of sliding.

Is sliding a vowel or consonant?

The word sliding starts with a consonant sound.

Is sliding a collective noun?

No, sliding is not a collective noun.

Is the word sliding imperative?

No, sliding is not imperative; it is a gerund or participle.

Which preposition is used with sliding?

Prepositions such as "into," "across," or "down" are often used with sliding, depending on what is being described, e.g., "sliding down a hill."

Is sliding a countable noun?

When used as a gerund, sliding is not countable in the traditional sense as it refers to an action rather than a countable object.

Which vowel is used before sliding?

The article "a" or "an" is not typically used directly before "sliding" because it is not a noun in the conventional sense; however, determiners can precede it.

Which article is used with sliding?

Articles are not typically used directly with "sliding" unless it is part of a larger noun phrase, e.g., "the sliding motion."

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