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Adress Meaning and Definition

"Adress" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Address." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Address Definitions

Address refers to the details of the location where someone lives or an organization is situated, or the act of speaking to a person or group.
Please provide your address so we can send the invitation.
Address is a formal speech delivered to an audience.
His commencement address was inspiring.
Address can mean to use a specific title or name when speaking to someone.
The letter was addressed to Mr. John Smith.
Address is the specific location or place where someone lives or an organization is located.
The package was sent to the wrong address.
Address can mean the act of speaking or writing to someone.
The president will address the nation tonight.
Address signifies formally dealing with a matter or issue.
The council promised to address the community's concerns.
Address can refer to the way one talks to or approaches someone.
She addressed the crowd with confidence.
Address means to direct a letter or parcel to a particular destination.
She carefully addressed the envelope to her friend.
Address can involve confronting or dealing with a problem or challenge.
It’s important to address environmental issues urgently.
Address refers to the manner of dealing with a situation or task.
He addressed the task with great diligence.
Address involves applying oneself to a task or problem.
She addressed the problem with innovative solutions.
To speak to
Addressed me in low tones.
To make a formal speech to
Addressed the union members at the convention.
To call (a person to whom one is speaking) by a particular name or term
Address the judge as "Your Honor.".
To direct (a spoken or written message) to the attention of
Address a protest to the faculty senate.
To mark with a destination
Address a letter.
To direct the efforts or attention of (oneself)
Address oneself to a task.
To begin to deal with
Addressed the issue of taxes.
To dispatch or consign (a ship, for example) to an agent or factor.
(Sports) To adjust and aim the club at (a golf ball) in preparing for a stroke.
A description of the location of a person or organization, as written or printed on mail as directions for delivery
Wrote the address on the envelope.
The location at which a particular organization or person may be found or reached
Went to her address but no one was home.
A name or a sequence of characters that designates an email account or a specific site on the internet or other network.
A name or number used in information storage or retrieval assigned to or identifying a specific memory location.
A formal speech or written communication.
Often addresses Courteous attentions.
The manner or bearing of a person, especially in conversation.
Skill, deftness, or grace in dealing with people or situations
"With the charms of beauty she combined the address of an accomplished intriguer" (Charles Merivale).
(obsolete) Guidance; help.
A polite approach made to another person, especially of a romantic nature; an amorous advance.
A manner of speaking or writing to another; language, style.
A man of pleasing or insinuating address
A formal approach to a sovereign, especially an official appeal or petition; later specifically a response given by each of the Houses of Parliament to the sovereign's speech at the opening of Parliament.
An act of addressing oneself to a person or group; a discourse or speech, or a record of this.
A description of the location of a property, usually with at least a street name and number, name of a town, and now also a postal code; such a description as superscribed for direction on an envelope or letter.
The President's address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C.
(by extension) The property itself.
I went to his address but there was nobody there.
(computing) A number identifying a specific storage location in computer memory; a string of characters identifying a location on the internet or other network; sometimes specifically an e-mail address.
The program will crash if there is no valid data stored at that address.
Preparedness for some task; resourcefulness; skill, ability.
(obsolete) The act of getting ready; preparation.
The act of bringing the head of the club up to the ball in preparation for swinging.
To prepare oneself.
To direct speech.
To aim; to direct.
To prepare or make ready.
To prepare oneself; to apply one's skill or energies (to some object); to betake.
(reflexive) To direct one’s remarks (to someone).
To clothe or array; to dress.
(transitive) To direct, as words (to anyone or anything); to make, as a speech, petition, etc. (to any audience).
He addressed some portions of his remarks to his supporters, some to his opponents.
(transitive) To direct speech to; to make a communication to, whether spoken or written; to apply to by words, as by a speech, petition, etc., to speak to.
(transitive) To direct in writing, as a letter; to superscribe, or to direct and transmit.
He addressed a letter.
(transitive) To make suit to as a lover; to court; to woo.
(transitive) To consign or entrust to the care of another, as agent or factor.
The ship was addressed to a merchant in Baltimore.
(transitive) To address oneself to; to prepare oneself for; to apply oneself to; to direct one's speech, discourse or efforts to.
To direct attention towards a problem or obstacle, in an attempt to resolve it.
To refer to a location in computer memory.
To get ready to hit (the ball on the tee).
To aim; to direct.
And this good knight his way with me addrest.
To prepare or make ready.
His foe was soon addressed.
Turnus addressed his men to single fight.
The five foolish virgins addressed themselves at the noise of the bridegroom's coming.
Reflexively: To prepare one's self; to apply one's skill or energies (to some object); to betake.
These men addressed themselves to the task.
To clothe or array; to dress.
Tecla . . . addressed herself in man's apparel.
To direct, as words (to any one or any thing); to make, as a speech, petition, etc. (to any one, an audience).
The young hero had addressed his players to him for his assistance.
To direct speech to; to make a communication to, whether spoken or written; to apply to by words, as by a speech, petition, etc., to speak to; to accost.
Are not your orders to address the senate?
The representatives of the nation addressed the king.
To direct in writing, as a letter; to superscribe, or to direct and transmit; as, he addressed a letter.
To make suit to as a lover; to court; to woo.
To consign or intrust to the care of another, as agent or factor; as, the ship was addressed to a merchant in Baltimore.
To prepare one's self.
To direct speech.
Young Turnus to the beauteous maid addrest.
Act of preparing one's self.
Act of addressing one's self to a person; verbal application.
A formal communication, either written or spoken; a discourse; a speech; a formal application to any one; a petition; a formal statement on some subject or special occasion; as, an address of thanks, an address to the voters.
Direction or superscription of a letter, or the name, title, and place of residence of the person addressed.
Manner of speaking to another; delivery; as, a man of pleasing or insinuating address.
Attention in the way one's addresses to a lady.
Skill; skillful management; dexterity; adroitness.
(computer science) the code that identifies where a piece of information is stored
The place where a person or organization can be found or communicated with
The act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience;
He listened to an address on minor Roman poets
The manner of speaking to another individual;
He failed in his manner of address to the captain
A sign in front of a house or business carrying the conventional form by which its location is described
Written directions for finding some location; written on letters or packages that are to be delivered to that location
The stance assumed by a golfer in preparation for hitting a golf ball
Social skill
Speak to;
He addressed the crowd outside the window
Give a speech to;
The chairman addressed the board of trustees
Put an address on (an envelope, for example)
Direct a question at someone
Address or apply oneself to something, direct one's efforts towards something, such as a question
Greet, as with a prescribed form, title, or name;
He always addresses me with `Sir'
Call me Mister
She calls him by first name
Access or locate by address
Deal with verbally or in some form of artistic expression;
This book deals with incest
The course covered all of Western Civilization
The new book treats the history of China
Speak to someone
Adjust and aim (a golf ball) at in preparation fo hitting

Address Idioms & Phrases

Address of distinction

A highly regarded or prestigious location or place of residence.
Living in an address of distinction gave her a sense of pride and status.

Change of address

Moving to a new place of residence or business location.
After his promotion, he made a change of address to a closer neighborhood to his office.

Direct address

Speaking or writing to someone directly, especially in a formal or serious manner.
The CEO’s direct address to the employees clarified many concerns.

Address the jury

To speak formally to the jury in a court case.
The attorney prepared to address the jury with his closing arguments.

At your earliest address

A request to deal with a matter as soon as possible.
Please respond to the customer's complaint at your earliest address.

Address the balance

To correct an imbalance or inequality in a situation.
The new policy was implemented to address the balance in representation within the company.

Address oneself to the task

To focus on or begin working on a task with determination.
She addressed herself to the task of organizing the charity event.

Address the elephant in the room

To confront or acknowledge an obvious problem or issue that everyone has been ignoring.
In the meeting, he decided to address the elephant in the room and brought up the budget shortfall.

Beyond one's address

Outside the scope of one’s expertise or responsibility.
Fixing the computer was beyond his address, so he called IT support.

Home address

The place where one lives, often used to imply a personal or private context.
He never mixed business with his home address, keeping work separate from family.

Address of respect

Speaking or writing to someone in a manner that shows honor or esteem.
He always spoke in an address of respect when talking to his elders.

Formal address

A structured and polite way of speaking or writing to someone, especially in a formal setting.
During the ceremony, the principal gave a formal address to the graduating students.

Address one's mind

To apply one’s thoughts or attentions to a specific topic or issue.
He addressed his mind to finding a solution to the technical problem.

Address of honor

A speech or written communication that praises or celebrates someone.
The valedictorian's address of honor moved the audience with its heartfelt words.

Address the issue

To confront or tackle a problem directly.
It’s time to address the issue of rising costs in the project.

Address a need

To attend to or focus on a specific requirement or necessity.
The new program was designed to address a need for more youth sports facilities.

Public address

A formal speech or announcement given to an audience.
The mayor’s public address was broadcasted on local TV.

Return to sender's address

To send back a letter or package to the person who originally sent it.
The package was undelivered and marked 'return to sender's address.'

Without a fixed address

Not having a permanent place to live.
Many in the homeless community live without a fixed address.

Address a letter

To write the necessary information on an envelope to send a letter to someone.
She carefully addressed the letter to her friend overseas.

Address Example Sentences

The mayor is set to address the issue of public safety.
He will address the class about the importance of teamwork.
Let's address this issue before it becomes a bigger problem.
I wrote my address on the top of the letter.
It's time to address the homework assignments for the week.
Can you give me your email address?
The teacher addressed the student by his first name.
She addressed the envelope with careful handwriting.
The CEO will address employees at the annual meeting.
The invitation was addressed to the entire family.
We need to address the question of funding for the project.
They had to change their address when they moved.
She learned how to address a letter in school.
The keynote speaker addressed a crowd of over a thousand.
It’s essential to address your concerns to the manager directly.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide address into syllables?

Address is divided as ad-dress.

What is a stressed syllable in address?

The stress in address varies: in the noun form (a place where someone lives), it's AD-dress; in the verb form (to speak to), it's ad-DRESS.

How is address used in a sentence?

Example as a noun: "Please provide your address." As a verb: "He will address the audience tonight."

Why is it called address?

The term "address" comes from the Middle French "adresser," meaning "to direct, guide," derived from the Latin "ad" (to) and "directus" (straight).

How many syllables are in address?

There are two syllables in address.

What is the verb form of address?

The verb form is "to address."

What is the root word of address?

The root word of address is the Latin "directus," meaning straight.

What is the first form of address?

The first form (base form) of address as a verb is "address."

What is the second form of address?

The second form (simple past) of address as a verb is "addressed."

What is the third form of address?

The third form (past participle) of address as a verb is "addressed."

What is another term for address?

Another term for address (noun) is "location"; for address (verb), it is "speak to" or "confront."

Is the address term a metaphor?

Address can be used metaphorically in some contexts (e.g., addressing a problem).

Which vowel is used before address?

There is no vowel used before "address" as it starts with a vowel.

What is the pronunciation of address?

Address is pronounced as /əˈdrɛs/ in American English when used as a verb, and /ˈæd.rɛs/ as a noun.

What is the plural form of address?

The plural form is "addresses."

What is the opposite of address?

The opposite of address (verb) could be "ignore"; for address (noun), it might be "nowhere" or "location unknown."

Is address an adverb?

No, address is not an adverb.

Is address an abstract noun?

Address as a noun is not abstract; it refers to a specific location, which is concrete.

Is address a collective noun?

Address is not a collective noun.

Which preposition is used with address?

Common prepositions used with address are "at," "to," and "in."

Which article is used with address?

Both definite (the) and indefinite (a, an) articles can be used with address, depending on the context.

What part of speech is address?

Address can be both a noun and a verb.

What is the singular form of address?

The singular form is "address."

Is address a noun or adjective?

Address is primarily a noun, but it can also be used as a verb.

Is address a negative or positive word?

Address is neutral; it does not inherently have a negative or positive connotation.

Is address a vowel or consonant?

The word "address" starts with a vowel sound.

Is the word address imperative?

Address can be imperative in its verb form (e.g., "Address the issue now").

Is the word address Gerund?

The gerund form of address (verb) is "addressing."

Is the word “address” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Address can be a direct object (e.g., "He addressed the letter").

Which determiner is used with address?

Determiners like "the," "a," "an," "this," "that," "my," "your" can be used with address.

Is address a countable noun?

Yes, address is a countable noun (e.g., multiple addresses).

Which conjunction is used with address?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," or "or" can be used in sentences with address.

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