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Adviseable Meaning and Definition

"Adviseable" is not a standard word in the English language. Please consider the correct spelling, "Advisable." Misspellings can create confusion or diminish the perceived quality of the text.

Advisable Definitions

Advisable means to be recommended or wise to do, often for reasons of prudence or expediency.
It's advisable to check the weather before going hiking.
Advisable means suggesting a wise or prudent course of action.
It’s advisable to wear a helmet while biking.
Advisable denotes something that is wise or expedient to do.
It’s advisable to arrive early at the airport.
Advisable is something that is suggested as being sensible or appropriate.
Regular exercise is advisable for maintaining good health.
Advisable refers to actions that are prudent or judicious.
Seeking legal advice is advisable in this situation.
Advisable implies being recommended as a course of action.
It’s advisable to study thoroughly before the exam.
Advisable is used to describe actions that are wise or practical.
It’s advisable to learn basic first aid skills.
Advisable means sensible or wise under the circumstances.
It's advisable to save money for emergencies.
Advisable implies a course of action that is likely to avoid problems or risks.
It’s advisable to check the terms of a contract before signing.
Advisable means being recommended for practical or prudent reasons.
Drinking plenty of water is advisable in hot weather.
Advisable refers to a choice or action that is considered wise.
In business, diversifying investments is usually advisable.
Worthy of being recommended or suggested; prudent.
(of a course of action) Worthy of being recommended; desirable.
(of a person) Capable of being advised or willing to be advised.
Proper to be advised or to be done; expedient; prudent.
Some judge it advisable for a man to account with his heart every day.
Ready to receive advice.
Worthy of being recommended or suggested; prudent or wise;
Such action is neither necessary nor advisable
Extreme caution is advisable
It is advisable to telephone first

Advisable Idioms & Phrases

Hardly advisable

Not recommended or wise under the circumstances.
Skipping the safety briefing is hardly advisable when going on such a risky expedition.

Advisable in hindsight

Something that appears to be a good idea after the event has occurred.
Bringing an umbrella was advisable in hindsight, considering the unexpected rainstorm.

Advisable by half

Partially a good idea, but with some reservations or limitations.
The plan was advisable by half; it solved some issues but ignored others.

Least advisable option

The least recommended or sensible choice among alternatives.
Confronting the aggressive dog was the least advisable option.

Advisable at best

Suggesting that something is only a good idea under the most optimistic assessment.
Skipping the preliminary studies is advisable at best and could lead to flawed results.

Advisable until proven otherwise

Considered a good idea unless new information suggests it is not.
The strategy was advisable until proven otherwise by the unexpected market shift.

Advisable on paper

Appearing to be a good idea when planned or written down, but not necessarily in practice.
The new policy was advisable on paper, but it didn't work well in real-world application.

A marginally advisable decision

A choice that is slightly recommended or wise, but not strongly so.
Accepting the offer was a marginally advisable decision given the uncertain market conditions.

As advisable as wings on a fish

Extremely impractical or unnecessary.
Taking a car to the small, crowded island was as advisable as wings on a fish.

The advisable path

The most recommended or sensible course of action.
Seeking professional advice seemed to be the advisable path in this complex legal matter.

Advisable in theory

Something that seems like a good idea in planning but may not be practical.
Working without breaks is advisable in theory for productivity, but it can lead to burnout.

Advisable in small doses

Something that is wise or beneficial, but only in limited amounts or frequencies.
Taking risks in business is advisable in small doses.

Borderline advisable

Something that is almost, but not quite, recommended or sensible.
Extending the deadline was borderline advisable; it helped some but delayed the project overall.

Advisable from a distance

Something that seems like a good idea when viewed remotely or without full involvement.
The investment seemed advisable from a distance, but closer inspection revealed its flaws.

Advisable with caution

A course of action that might be wise, but only if certain precautions are taken.
Investing in the stock market is advisable with caution and thorough research.

An advisable compromise

A settlement or agreement that is recommended or sensible.
Given the circumstances, splitting the profits was an advisable compromise.

Seldom advisable

Rarely considered a good or wise idea.
Procrastination is seldom advisable when facing tight deadlines.

Advisable with reservations

A course of action that might be wise, but with some hesitations or concerns.
Joining the venture was advisable with reservations due to the associated risks.

Advisable for some

A course of action that might be wise for certain people or in specific situations, but not universally.
Taking the advanced course is advisable for some, but it might be overwhelming for beginners.

Universally advisable

Considered a good or wise idea by everyone or in all situations.
Regular exercise is universally advisable for maintaining good health.

Advisable Example Sentences

It’s advisable to read the instructions before assembling the toy.
The doctor said it's advisable to get regular check-ups.
Before starting a business, it’s advisable to make a plan.
In cold weather, it’s advisable to dress in layers.
It’s advisable to learn the local laws when traveling abroad.
It’s advisable to check your car’s oil regularly.
Teachers find it advisable to prepare lessons ahead of time.
They said it was advisable to book tickets in advance.
It's advisable to wear sunscreen on sunny days.
For safety, it’s advisable to swim near a lifeguard.
In an emergency, it’s advisable to stay calm and think clearly.
It’s advisable to turn off electronics before going to sleep.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called advisable?

The term "advisable" is derived from the verb "advise," which comes from the Old French "aviser," meaning "to consider, reflect, advise."

How is advisable used in a sentence?

Example: "It is advisable to save money for unforeseen expenses."

How do we divide advisable into syllables?

Advisable is divided as ad-vis-a-ble.

What is a stressed syllable in advisable?

The second syllable is stressed: ad-VIS-a-ble.

What is the pronunciation of advisable?

Advisable is pronounced as /ədˈvaɪ.zə.bəl/ in American English.

What is the verb form of advisable?

The verb form related to "advisable" is "advise."

What is the root word of advisable?

The root word of advisable is "advise."

How many syllables are in advisable?

There are four syllables in advisable.

What part of speech is advisable?

Advisable is an adjective.

Is advisable an abstract noun?

Advisable is not a noun; it is an adjective.

What is the opposite of advisable?

The opposite of advisable is "inadvisable" or "unwise."

Is advisable a noun or adjective?

Advisable is an adjective.

What is the plural form of advisable?

Advisable does not have a plural form.

Is advisable a negative or positive word?

Advisable is generally a positive word, implying that something is wise or recommended.

Is advisable a vowel or consonant?

The word "advisable" starts with a vowel sound.

Which vowel is used before advisable?

There is no vowel used before "advisable" as it starts with a vowel.

What is another term for advisable?

Another term for advisable is "prudent" or "recommended."

Is advisable a collective noun?

Advisable is not a collective noun; it is an adjective.

Is the word advisable imperative?

Advisable is not imperative; it is an adjective.

Is the word advisable Gerund?

Advisable is not a gerund; it is an adjective.

Which determiner is used with advisable?

Determiners like "more," "most," "very," "quite" can be used with advisable.

Which conjunction is used with advisable?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," or "or" can be used in sentences with advisable.

Which article is used with advisable?

Both definite (the) and indefinite (a, an) articles can be used with advisable, depending on the context.

What is the singular form of advisable?

Advisable is an adjective and does not have singular or plural forms.

Is advisable an adverb?

No, advisable is not an adverb.

Is advisable a countable noun?

Advisable is not a noun; it's an adjective and does not have a countable form.

Is the advisable term a metaphor?

Advisable is not typically used as a metaphor; it is used in a literal sense.

Is the word “advisable” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Advisable, being an adjective, cannot be a direct or indirect object.

Which preposition is used with advisable?

Prepositions are not typically used directly with the adjective "advisable."

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